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PRITTI-G (프리티지) was a girl group under Enterrobang. Originally as five, they made their debut on August 31, 2021 with the single "Hola".

Prior to their re-debut in 2021, PRITTI-G was a kids girl group, known as Pritti (프리티), and made their first debut on May 20, 2015 with "Kids Revolution".

They disbanded without any official announcements in mid 2023.


2015–2020: Pritti[]

2020–2021: PRITTI-G debut, Fandom name[]

In 2020, a re-debut was announced as PRITTI-G, with original Pritti members So Jeong, Sa Rang and Yoon Ji along with new members Ye Ryang, Ji Young and Chae Ryeon. Chae Ryeon, however, left the girl group in early 2021 before the announcement of their debut.

As a five-member girl group, they eventually released their debut album as PRITTI-G on August 31, 2021 with the digital single "Hola".

On September 12, 2021, PRITTI-G announced their first special single, titled "Buckle Up".[1] The single was eventually released on September 16 along with a performance music video.[2]

On October 19, 2021, they announced their fandom name to be Half.[citation needed]

2022–present: Comeback with "Let Me Out", "Love Taker"[]

On March 4, 2022, Enterrobang shared on the group's fancafe that member Yoon Ji left the group after terminating her contract with the company at the end of February 2022.[3]

Two weeks later, on March 20, 2022, it was announced that PRITTI-G would release their second digital single "Let Me Out" on March 29, 2022 as a four member group.[4] The first set of concept photos were released on the following Wednesday.

On August 15, 2022, the group announced that they would release their third digital single "Love Taker" on August 31.[5]

2023: Disbandment[]

Sometime in mid 2023, it was found that all of PRITTI-G's SNS accounts were deleted, suggesting that they have disbanded.



Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Yoon Ji (윤지) Visual 2020–2022
Ye Ryang (예량) Leader 2020–2023
Sa Rang (사랑) Main Dancer 2020–2023
So Jeong (소정) Main Vocalist 2020–2023
Ji Young (지영) Maknae 2020–2023
Chae Ryeon (채련) N/A 2020–2021


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Lee Dasom (이다솜) Leader[6] 2014–2015
Yang Yujin (양유진) N/A 2014–2015
Kim Sojeong (김소정) Leader,[6] sub-vocalist, lead dancer 2014–2019
Jeong Sarang (정사랑) Sub-vocalist, main dancer 2015–2019
Byeon Yoonji (변윤지) Lead vocalist, lead dancer 2015–2019
Choi Jiwoo (최지우) N/A 2016
Han Siwoo (한시우) Sub-vocalist, dancer 2017–2018
Lee Wonjeong (이원정) Sub-vocalist, dancer 2017–2019
Lee Jinseul (이진슬) Sub-vocalist, dancer 2017–2019
Oh Youngbin (오영빈) N/A 2014
Kang Yeseo (강예서) N/A 2014
Shin Eunjeong (신은정) N/A 2014



Digital singles[]

Special singles[]


Digital singles[]

  • "Kids Revolution" (2015)
  • "For The New Generation Of Kids" (2015)
  • "Pritti Christmas" (2015)
  • "Okok" (2016)
  • "Like A Star" (2017)




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