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PRISTIN V (프리스틴V) was the first and only sub-unit of the girl group PRISTIN. They debuted on May 28, 2018 with their first single album "Like a V".

The "V" in their name has two meanings: first is the Roman numeral for the number 5, and second refers to their villain concept.[1]

On May 24, 2019, it was announced that the main group, PRISTIN, has disbanded following the termination of contract of seven members, including four of the unit: Nayoung, Roa, Eunwoo, and Rena.[2]


Name Position(s)
Nayoung (나영) Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Roa (로아) Lead Vocalist
Eunwoo (은우) Main Vocalist
Rena (레나) Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
Kyulkyung (결경) Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae


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All social medias accounts of the group were closed on July 1, 2019.