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With my wings! Hello, we are PIXY!
(With my wings! 안녕하세요, PIXY입니다!)


PIXY (픽시) is a four-member girl group under ALLART Entertainment and Happy Tribe Entertainment. Originally as six, they debuted on February 24, 2021 with the digital single "With My Wings".


2020: Pre-debut[]

In June 2020, the group's Twitter account was launched. A month later, their other accounts (TikTok and YouTube) were created.

2021: Debut with With My Wings, fandom name, first and second comeback[]

On February 24, PIXY released their first digital single, "With My Wings" with the title track, "Wings".

On April 26, on their official fan cafe, the group's fandom name was revealed to be "WINXY",[1] a combination of “Wings” and their group name “Pixy”. With this announcement, they also announced their first comeback would be on May 19, with the mini album Fairy Forest : Bravery.[2]

On September 10, the group announced their second mini album Fairy Forest : Temptation, released on October 7.[3]

On December 9, the group announced their second digital single "Call Me", released on December 14.[4]

2022: Ella's hiatus, Reborn, first U.S. tour, Ella and Satbyeol's departures, first Europe tour, and addition of Rinji[]

On March 11, ALLART Entertainment released a statement announcing that Ella would be taking a hiatus due to health issues, particularly personal stress and physical disability.[5] The group would continue to temporarily promote as five members for the time being until she returns.

On May 28, PIXY announced their third mini album Reborn, to be released on June 15.[6] Ella would not be participating in the album's recording and promotions due to focusing on her recovery.[7][8]

On July 27, 2022, the group revealed they would be going on their first United States tour PIXY Didn't See Us Coming Tour. The group would start off the tour with the first date in Los Angeles on August 11, 2022. However, the tour was later cancelled.[9][10]

On August 27, ALLART Entertainment announced that group members Ella and Satbyeol had officially left the group.[11]

On August 29, the group revealed they would be going on their first European tour PIXY Wanna Be Your Villain 1st European Tour. The group will start off the tour with the first date in Amsterdam on October 13, 2022.[12]

On September 27, ALLART Entertainment announced that trainee Rinji would be added to the group starting at the European tour.[13]

On December 15, 2022, the group announced that they would be releasing an unreleased song titled "Trick or Treat" on the 18th at 18:00 KST.[14] On December 18, a concept clip for the song was released on YouTube.[15]

2023: Chosen Karma, The Voice[]

On February 19, the group posted a trailer hinting at an upcoming comeback.[16] On February 20, the group released the scheduler for their fourth mini album Chosen Karma, to be released on March 10.[17]

On October 20, the group announced that they are releasing a digital EP on October 24.[18] The title was later revealed to be The Voice.[19]

2024: Dajeong's departure[]

On June 20, 2024, Dajeong announced via her Instagram that she had left PIXY.[20]


Name Position(s)[21] Color Years active
Lola (로라) Main Rapper, Visual      Silver/Gray 2021–present
Dia (디아) Leader (2022–present), Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer      Black 2021–present
Sua (수아) Sub Vocalist      Yellow 2021–present
Rinji (린지) Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Maknae (2022–present)      Dark Cyan 2022–present
Ella (엘라) Leader (2020–2022), Main Vocalist      Dark Pink 2021–2022[n 1]
Satbyeol (샛별) Lead Rapper      White 2021–2022[n 2]
Dajeong (다정) Lead Vocalist (Maknae 2020–2022)      Red 2021–2024


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Reality shows[]

  • The Next: K-Pop Girl Groups' VR Battle (Pico Video, 2023)







  1. Hiatus since March 2022 before officially leaving in August 2022.
  2. Hiatus since July 2022 before officially leaving in August 2022.


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