Our Love Is Great (stylized as Our love is great) is the second mini album by Yerin Baek. It was released March 18, 2019 with "Maybe It's Not Our Fault" serving as the album's title track.

Track list

  1. "Merry And The Witch's Flower (야간비행 (魔女の花))" - 4:04
  2. "Maybe It's Not Our Fault (그건 아마 우리의 잘못은 아닐 거야)" - 3:53
  3. "Dear My Blue" - 2:18
  4. "Our Love Is Great" - 4:08
  5. "I Don't Know (내가 날 모르는 것처럼)" (feat. Car, the garden) - 3:55
  6. "See You Again (지켜줄게)" - 3:44
  7. "I Don't Know (내가 날 모르는 것처럼) (2019 ver.)" - 3:19

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