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Found you! Oh My Girl!! Hello, we are OH MY GIRL!
(찾았다! 오마이걸!! 안녕하세요, 오마이걸입니다!)


OH MY GIRL (오마이걸, also stylized as OMG) is a six-member girl group under WM Entertainment. Originally with eight members, they debuted on April 21, 2015 with the song "Cupid" from their first self-titled mini album.


2015: Debut with Oh My Girl, Closer, LA Airport incident

OH MY GIRL was publicized as the new sister group of label-mate group B1A4. On March 29, teaser images of the eight members were released as well as their concept images. On April 21, the group released their first mini-album Oh My Girl with "Cupid" as the lead track, and held their debut showcase the same day. They first performed the song on SBS The Show. On June 21, the group announced that they were currently preparing a new album. On October 1, teaser images for their comeback album, Closer, was released. The music video for their lead track "Closer" was released on October 7.

On December 11, the group flew to LA for a photoshoot for their next album jacket and to perform at a special event, but could not get cleared by customs to enter the US. The group's management claimed that customs mistook the girls for underage prostitutes due to props and outfits for their special performance at an event on the Saturday of that week, and that they were detained for 15 hours. However, an official with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection later stated that management was lying about the reason for being denied entry. Upon seeing the contents of the performers' luggage, customs officials determined the group was entering the U.S. to perform, not to go sightseeing as the group had claimed. As the group did not have the required P1 performance visa, they were denied entry. The customs official denied that the group was "detained" for 15 hours, noting that they were put on the first available flight back to Korea on the airline they traveled with.[1]

2016: Pink Ocean, fandom name, Listen To My Word

OH MY GIRL released their third mini-album, Pink Ocean, on March 28 with double title track "Step by Step" and "Liar Liar". On March 24, a comeback teaser was released on 1thek's and the group's official YouTube channel.

On March 28, the group announced their official fandom name "Miracle" at their comeback showcase for "Pink Ocean" and also on the group's V-app on the same day. The group promoted "Liar Liar" and "Step by Step", a B-side written by B1A4's Jinyoung on their comeback stages and at guerrilla concerts in Hongdae and Sinchon.

2017–2018: Coloring Book, JinE's departure, Secret Garden

On March 22, the group teased their 4th mini album on their social media account. The mini album will be called Coloring Book and it is planned to be released on April 3. The teaser photo shows colorful concept with the members wearing bright-colored outfits while surrounded by a lot of flowers.[2][3] They also shared a video on Instagram that shows illustration of a pair of hands holding a book with flowers on the cover, and butterflies surrounding the book. The video is accompanied by the sounds of a guitar strumming, birds chirping, and quiet singing voice near the end.[3][4] On March 26 and 27, the group released a second batch of teaser images, showing the members floating on the cloud, wearing outfits that blend well with their surroundings.[5] On March 28, a teaser for their new music video Coloring Book, was released. It shows a white cuboid flying in the sky. Inside, is a white kitchen and the group members wearing all-white. As the group trying to make something with all-white ingredients, one of the egg rolls off the counter and breaks, revealing the pink and green insides, hinting at a burst of color that fit with the song title.[6]

On October 30, JinE announced her departure from the group on their fancafe. On December 27, A teaser was posted on the group's official channel on V Live, the teaser shows a bit of the photobook of the new mini-album, Secret Garden, which was released on January 9, 2018.

2018: Banana Allergy Monkey, BANHANA Japanese debut, Remember Me

On April 2, 2018, OH MY GIRL BANHANA released a special unit album titled Banana Allergy Monkey. The group was split into two units for the songs with "Banana Allergy Monkeys" being Hyojung, Yubin, and Arin. Meanwhile, "Banana Monkeys Without Allergies" are Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, and Jiho.

On August 29, OH MY GIRL BANHANA, a sub-unit of OH MY GIRL, made their Japanese debut with the mini album Banana ga Taberenai Saru. The mini album included Japanese versions of the songs from Banana Allergy Monkey and more.

On September 10, the group released their sixth mini album Remember Me.

On December 10, they participated in the yearly collaboration single, "Hello! WM", with other WM Entertainment artists, B1A4 and ONF.

The Japanese version of "Remember Me" was pre-released on digital platforms on December 21 while Japanese version of "Secret Garden" was pre-released on December 28, 2018. The two songs were later included in OH MY GIRL's debut Japanese studio album, OH MY GIRL Japan Debut Album.

2019: Japanese debut, The Fifth Season, OH MY GIRL Japan 2nd Album, Fall in Love, Jiho Hiatus, Queendom

On January 9, 2019, they made their Japanese debut with the Japanese studio album OH MY GIRL Japan Debut Album.

On March 15, they released a special version of their debut Japanese studio album OH MY GIRL Japan Debut Album, in Korea. The special version of the album only excluded the song ""Remember Me".

On May 8, OH MY GIRL released their first Korean studio album The Fifth Season.

On July 3, they made their first comeback in Japan with their second Japanese studio album OH MY GIRL Japan 2nd Album.

On August 5, they released a repackage of their first studio album titled Fall in Love. It was labelled as a summer package album.

On October 30, OH MY GIRL released a Japanese version of their song "Bungee", titled "Bungee Japanese ver.". The song was later included in their third Japanese studio album Eternally.

2020: Eternally, Nonstop, "Etoile / Nonstop (Japanese ver.)"

On October 1, 2019, OH MY GIRL announced on their Japanese website they would be releasing their third Japanese studio album, Eternally, on January 8, 2020.[7] They released the album digitally 2 weeks before it’s physical release date on December 25, 2019.

On March 18, 2020, it was reported that OH MY GIRL was wrapping up preparations for a new mini album. WM Entertainment later confirmed the news and stated that they are aiming for a late April comeback.[8] On the midnight of April 13, 2020, a teaser image for their seventh mini album, Nonstop, was released. Later that same day, WM confirmed that OH MY GIRL would be making a comeback on April 27 as a full group, following Jiho's return from her hiatus.[9] The album was subsequently released on April 27 with "Nonstop" serving as the title track while "Dolphin" was also used during their promotions.

On September 23, 2020, OH MY GIRL announced they would be releasing their first Japanese single "Etoile / Nonstop Japanese ver.", on November 25.[10] Two tracks from the single, "Etoile" and "Etoile (Korean ver.)", were pre-released digitally on October 8 and 15, respectively.[11][12]

2021: Dear OHMYGIRL, "Dun Dun Dance (Japanese ver.)"

On March 30, WM Entertainment confirmed the group would be making a comeback in early May. Subsequently, on April 16, it was announced the group's eighth mini album, Dear OHMYGIRL, will be released on May 10.[13]

On July 14, OH MY GIRL announced they would be releasing their second Japanese single "Dun Dun Dance Japanese ver.", on September 22.[14]

2022: Real Love, OH MY GIRL Best, Jiho's departure

On February 7, WM Entertainment confirmed that OH MY GIRL is scheduled to return with a new album in March.[15]

On March 7, they announced that they will make a comeback with their second studio album Real Love, which is set to release on March 28. This marks the group's first release since Binnie changed her name to Yubin.[16]

On March 30, OH MY GIRL released their Japanese best album OH MY GIRL Best.[17]

On May 9, WM Entertainment announced Jiho's departure from the agency and group after deciding not to renew her contract. The group would continue to promote as a six-member ensemble.[18]


Name Position(s) Years active
Hyojung (효정) Leader, Main Vocalist 2015–present
Mimi (미미) Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist 2015–present
YooA (유아) Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Face Of The Group 2015–present
Seunghee (승희) Main Vocalist 2015–present
Yubin (유빈; formerly Binnie) Vocalist 2015–present
Arin (아린) Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae 2015–present
JinE (진이) Vocalist 2015–2017
Jiho (지호) Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual 2015–2022
Yoonji (윤지) N/A N/A




Studio albums

Mini albums

Special albums

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Other releases


Studio albums

Best albums

  • OH MY GIRL Best (2022)


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Concert tours

  • OH MY GIRL 1st Fan Concert in Asia (2018)
  • OH MY GIRL Japan Debut Commemoration 1st Live Tour 2019 (2019)
  • OH MY GIRL 1st U.S. Tour (2019)
  • OH MY GIRL 1st Tour in Brazil (2019)
  • OH MY GIRL Zepp Live Tour 2019 'Starlight' (2019)
  • OH MY GIRL Live Tour "Starlight Again" (2020)

Online concerts

Solo concerts

  • OH MY GIRL 1st Concert 'Summer Fairytale' (2016)
  • OH MY GIRL's Secret Garden (2018)
  • OH MY GIRL 2nd Concert 'Fall Fairy Tales' (2018)

Concert participation

  • Seezn Summer Concert[19] (2022)
  • HallyuPopFest Sydney 2022 (2022)


Reality shows


  • Tokopedia Indonesia (2020)

Awards and nominations

Year Recipient Award Won
Golden Disc Awards
2022 OH MY GIRL Digital Song Division Bonsang Won[21]
Korea First Brand Awards
2022 OH MY GIRL Female Idol Won[22]


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