O.V (오뷔, stands for OddVibe) is a South Korean rapper and dancer under Ai Grand Korea. He is the leader and one of the main dancers and main rappers of the boy group D-CRUNCH and a member of its pre-debut sub-unit Geupsik-Dan.


2018: Debut with D-CRUNCH

O.V. was the third artist of All-S Company to be revealed as a member of the boy group D-CRUNCH on June 6, 2018.[1]

On July 6, it was announced that he will pre-debut with the sub-unit Geupsik-Dan on July 10 with the digital single "Geupsik-Dan".[2]


  • He was a student in Changwon TNS Academy.[citation needed]
  • He is interested in human psychology.[3]
  • His specialty is gaming.[3]
  • He describes his personality as tiresome.[3]
  • He chose the color green to describe his personality because it is eco-friendly and he wants to become an artist who makes music that is healing to the listeners.[3]
  • He likes to relieve his stress by controlling his mindset.[3]
  • A bad habit he would like to fix is the fact that he can never hide his facial expressions.[3]



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