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Natty (나띠) is a Thai singer under S2 Entertainment. She made her solo debut on May 7, 2020 with the single album "NineTeen".



In 2015, she became a contestant on JYP's reality survival show SIXTEEN, the survival show that created the girl group TWICE, but was eliminated in episode 11 and hence did not debut.[1]

2017: Idol School

Natty then went onto becoming a contestant in Idol School, but was again eliminated in episode 11 and hence did not debut.[2]

2020: New agency, debut with "NineTeen", first comeback with "Teddy Bear", fandom name

On April 6, it was announced that she had signed a contract with Swing Entertainment and was preparing for her debut.[3] On April 20, it was announced that she would make her solo debut on May 7 with the single album "NineTeen".[4]

On November 1, it was announced Natty would be making her first comeback with her second single album, "Teddy Bear", on November 12.[5]

On November 22, it was announced through a V Live that Natty's official fandom name is 'TwiNny'. Originally given to the name of the teddy bear used during her "Teddy Bear" promotions, Natty described the name as meaning "someone who is my best friend, someone who I receive strength from."[6]

2022: S2 Entertainment

On July 12, it was announced that Natty has signed an exclusive contract with S2 Entertainment.[7]


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  • Natty's hobbies include choreography and gymnastics.[citation needed]
  • She joined reality survival show SIXTEEN at the age of 13 years and 1 month, making her the youngest contestant on the show. She was eliminated in the final episode because she was too young to debut.[1]
  • In Idol School, Natty gained the number 1 rank when it came to vocal abilities.[2]
  • Her role models are BoA and Baek Yerin.[8]






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