Natty (나띠) is a Thai trainee. She is a former JYP Entertainment trainee.

She is best known for being a contestant in SIXTEEN and Idol School.



In 2015, she became a contestant on JYP's reality survival show SIXTEEN, the survival show that created the girl group TWICE, but was eliminated in episode 11 and hence did not debut.[1]

2017: Idol School

Natty then went onto becoming a contestant in Idol School, but was again eliminated in episode 11 and hence did not debut.[2]


Reality shows


  • Natty's hobbies include choreography and gymnastics.[citation needed]
  • She joined reality survival show SIXTEEN at the age of 13 years and 1 month, making her the youngest contestant on the show. She was eliminated in the final episode because she was too young to debut.[1]
  • In Idol School, Natty gained the number 1 rank when it came to vocal abilities.[2]



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