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NO.MERCY (노머시) was a reality survival show that aired on Mnet. The show was created by Starship Entertainment who pitted 13 trainees against each other to debut as a new boy group. After the competition, the final group of trainees formed MONSTA X.



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Shortly after the release of the last episode of NO.MERCY, Starship Entertainment announced the name for the new group as MONSTA X. In regards to the group's name, Starship explained, "The name signifies the emergence of a monster who will dominate the Kpop scene, as well as the meaning of 'My star', as 'Mon' means 'my' in French. The X in the name refers to the existence of the unknown."[1]

After the competition, many of the eliminated trainees continued to pursue careers in music. #GUN continued training under Starship and debuted as a solo act in 2016.[2] In 2017, Yoonho debuted in VAV under the stage name Ayno.[3] Minkyun also debuted in 2017 under the name MK in WM Entertainment's boy group ONF. Seokwon debuted in 2021 under the name Tan as a member of Ciipher .


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