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NEXZ (Korean: 넥스지; Japanese: ネクスジ) is a seven-member boy group formed by JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Labels. Formed through the survival show Nizi Project 2, they made their debut on May 20, 2024 with the single album "Ride the Vibe".


Pre-debut: Nizi Project 2, "Miracle"[]

Nizi Project 2, which aims to create a global boy group, consists of regional auditions from mid-March to early May 2022 with a total of over 10,000 applicants in 8 cities in Japan, Los Angeles, New York, and Seoul, Korea, and a training camp in Japan in August 2022, followed by a training camp in Korea in December 2022.[1] Nine contestants advanced to the final round, where J.Y. Park, the creator of JYP Entertainment and general producer of "Nizi Project", along with special judge 3RACHA, a division run by Stray Kids, evaluated each of the two performances.[1]

From the nine finalists, Tomoya won his debut in 1st place, Haru in 2nd place, Yuki in 3rd place, So Geon in 4th place, Yu in 5th place, Hyui in 6th place, and Seita in 7th place.[1] Those eliminated were Eiji and Miraku.[2]

J.Y. Park named the new group "NEXZ". He revealed that the name "NEXZ" means "Next Z (Generation)" or "the next generation".[1] The "N" and the "Z" stand for the proof of the birth of the "Nizi Project" and the message that the members of the next generation will gather to deliver new music and performances and open up a new era.[3]

On December 18, NEXZ released their pre-debut digital singles "Miracle" and "Miracle (Korean Ver.)".

2024: Debut with "Ride the Vibe", Ride the Vibe (Japanese Ver.) / Keep on Moving[]

On May 1, JYP Entertainment released the first video teaser for NEXZ's Korean debut single album "Ride the Vibe", scheduled for May 20.[4]

On June 14, NEXZ announced through their website that they will be releasing their first Japanese EP, Ride the Vibe (Japanese Ver.) / Keep on Moving, on August 21.[5] "Ride the Vibe (Japanese Ver.)" was pre-released on July 5.


Rank Name Position(s) Years active
English Korean Japanese
5 Yu 유우 ユウ N/A 2023–present
1 Tomoya 토모야 トモヤ Leader
2 Haru 하루 ハル N/A
4 So Geon 소건 ソ ゴン
7 Seita 세이타 セイタ
6 Hyui 휴이 ヒュイ
3 Yuki 유우키 ユウキ Sainenshō[n 1]




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Digital singles[]


Concert participation[]

  • Dream Concert World in Japan 2024 (2024)[6]






  1. From Japanese-Youngest member


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