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MustB (머스트비) is a five-member boy group under MustM Entertainment. They held their debut showcase on January 21, 2019 and released their first single "I Want U" on January 30.


Name Position(s) Color Year(s) active
Sihoo (시후) Lead vocalist, main dancer, maknae      Purple 2019–present
Taegeon (태건) Main rapper      Blue 2019–present
Soohyun (수현) Vocalist, lead rapper      Orange 2019–present
Doha (도하) Main vocalist      Green 2019–present
Wooyeon (우연) Lead vocalist      Indigo 2019–present
Sangwoo (상우) Leader, rapper, vocalist      Red 2019
Hawoon (하운) Vocalist      Yellow 2019
Chibin (치빈‬) Vocalist


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  • Taegeon was a former member of M.Crown and Challenger.
  • Soohyun was a pre-debut member of LUCENTE under the name Xi.N.
  • Sangwoo was a former member of PUREBOY, BLAST, Underdog, and Hi5 (the latter three under the name Kain).
  • Doha was a former member of Underdog and Hi5 under the name Baekjin.
  • Hawoon was a former member of Challenger and NewTownBoyz.
  • Pre-debut member Chibin was a former member of MASC.


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