Minhyun (민현) is a South Korean singer under Pledis Entertainment. He is best known as a member of NU'EST.

In 2017, him, and fellow members JR, Baekho, and Ren entered Produce 101 Season 2 and in the finale, finished in 9th, making him a member of Wanna One.


Digital singles

Producing and writing credits

Year Artist Song Album Type
2016 NU'EST "VVITH" Q is. Writing
"Daybreak" Canvas Writing
"R.L.T.L (Real Love True Love) (One Morning)"
"Love Paint (Every Afternoon)"
"Thank You (Evening By Evening)" Writing
"Look (A Starlight Night)" Writing
2019 NU'EST "A Song For You" "A Song For You" Writing
"Universe" Happily Ever After
"One Two Three" The Table
2020 NU'EST "Let's Love (with Spoonz)" "Let's Love (with Spoonz)" Writing
"Moon Dance" The Nocturne


Reality survival shows

Music video appearances


  • I'M MEME (2018)
  • Hangten (2019)
  • Maeil (2019)


  • Was given the nickname "Shanghai Boy" with his appearance in "Shanghai Romance"
  • He likes to imitate the Autobot from Transformers, Optimus Prime, it's also referenced in his Instagram
  • He is a fan of TVXQ
  • In his bio for Produce 101 Season 2, he wrote that he trained for 6 years and 3 months, if including Produce 101 Season 2, it will be 6 years and 7 months


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