Min Hyuk (민혁) is a South Korean rapper under Ai Grand Korea. He is a member of the boy group D-CRUNCH.


2018: Debut with D-CRUNCH

Min Hyuk was the eighth artist of All-S Company to be revealed as a member of the boy group D-CRUNCH on June 8, 2018.[1]


  • He became a trainee in All-S Company in May 2017.[citation needed]
  • He originally wanted to become an actor when he was younger.[2]
  • He can get rid of stress and gain serenity when he listens to new and diverse songs.[2]
  • He loves to listen to music of all kinds.[2]
  • He describes his personality as active.[2]
  • He said the color white would describe his personality because it can blend well with any color.[2]
  • He relieves his stress by eating food, taking walks while listening to music, and watching movies.[2]
  • A bad habit he wants to fix is how he unconsciously bites his nails.[2]



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