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What's new

Dreams Alive

DreamNote are back with their 4th single album "Dreams Alive"

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Bipolar Pt.2 : Prelude of Love

EPEX makes their first comeback with "Bipolar Pt.2 : Prelude of Love"

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bugAboo debuts

bugAboo makes their debut with their 1st self-titled single "bugAboo"

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NCT 127 releases their 3rd album repackage "Favorite"

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BLACKPINK The Album -JP Ver.- regular edition cover art.png
TWICE Perfect World regular album cover.png
Lim Young Woong Trust in Me (Piano by Cho Youngsoo) album cover.png
 Lim Young Woong 
Kim Ho Joong I Love You More Than Me album cover.png
 Kim Ho Joong 
IU Lilac digital album cover.png
Stray Kids No Easy digital album cover.png
 Stray Kids 
ENHYPEN Border Carnival digital album cover.png
Red Velvet Queendom digital album cover.png
 Red Velvet 
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New & upcoming releases

Date Title Artist(s)
25 "bugAboo" (single) bugAboo
"Face ID" (single) Epik High
Favorite (repackage) NCT 127
26 "Dreams Alive" (single) DreamNote
Bipolar Pt.2 : Prelude of Love (EP) EPEX
27 Amy (studio) Ailee
"Just Beat" (single) JUST B
"Fire Saturday" (single) SECRET NUMBER
28 "Rollercoaster" (single) DKB
Hot & Cold (mini) Park Jihoon
29 XOXO (studio) Somi
"Tell Me" (single) Taeho
"Teach Me" (single) Vanilla

Date Title Artist(s)
1 Ballad 21 F/W (mini) 2AM
"Maverick" (single) THE BOYZ
2 "I'm Still Here" (single) Leo
Countdown (studio) SUPER JUNIOR-D&E
3 Blossom (mini) LABOUM
"Happy Virus" (single) MJ
4 Re:alize (mini) TO1
9 Blood Moon (mini) ONEUS
11 Cosmos (EP) B.I
12 Formula of Love: O+T=<3 (studio) TWICE
19 No Limit (mini) MONSTA X
TBA TBA (TBA) Billlie

Date Title Artist(s)
10 The Dreaming (ENG studio) MONSTA X

Date Title Artist(s)
TBA (TBA) cignature
TBA (TBA) Hwa Sa
TBA (TBA) Onew
"Cotton Candy" (single) PEACHDAY
TBA (TBA) T.O.P Girls
TBA (TBA) Witchers

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