MIXNINE (믹스나인) is a 2017 reality survival show created by JTBC and YG Entertainment. The show was produced by Han Dong Chul, who is also producer of Produce 101, Show Me The Money, and Unpretty Rapstar.

400 trainees across 70 agencies were visited and evaluated by Yang Hyun Suk and his panel of judges. 170 (72 male and 98 female) passed the preliminary auditions to participate in the program.[1][2]




2able Company
A100 Entertainment
Astory Entertainment
Bace Camp Entertainment
Brave Entertainment
  • Yu Jin Kyung
Choon Entertainement
  • Hong Joo Hyun
Coridel Entertainment
CS Entertainment
  • Yeo In Hye
DK Entertainment
  • Choi Ji Seon

DoubleV Entertainement

ELEVEN9 Entertainment
  • Kim Hee Su
FAVE Entertainment
Happy Face Entertainment
HUNUS Entertainment
Illusion Entertainment
JD Entertainment
  • Chaung Da Sol
JTG Entertainment

Jungle Entertainment

JYP Entertainment
MAJOR9 Entertainment
  • Im So Hyeon
  • Lee Seung Mi
  • Lee Su Hyun - former Produce 101 contestant
Maroo Entertainment
Mole Entertainment
Monstable Music
MYSTIC Entertainment

New Planet Entertainment

ONO Entertainment

Polaris Entertainment
  • Choi Ha Young
  • Yoo Ha Jung
ProBeat Entertainment
  • Jang Eun Seong
  • Jo You Ri
  • Kim Sung Eun
  • Kim Young Seo
  • Lee Ye Sol
  • Seo Ji Heun
Roots Entertainment
Star Empire Entertainment
Star Road Entertainment

START Entertainment

  • Moon Seung You
  • Park Ji Woo
TaJoy Entertainment
  • Kim Soo Yeon
The Entertainment Pascal
  • Park Ga Eun
The Music Works
Unleash Entertainment
Yama&Hotchicks Entertainment
Individual trainees


Banana Culture
Banana Entertainment
Beat Interactive
BYKING Entertainment
Choeun Entertainment
Chrome Entertainment
ELEVEN9 Entertainment
FM Entertainment
Happyface Entertainment
Hunus Entertainment
IME Korea
  • Kim Han Gyeol
  • Kim Seong Yeon
Jackie Chan Group Korea
Jungle Entertainment
KQ Entertainment
Liveworks Company
  • Jin Sung Ho - former BOYS24 contestant
  • Lee Ru Bin - former BOYS24 contestant
  • Moon Jae Yoon - former BOYS24 contestant
Luce Entertainment
  • Moon Young Seo - former member of M.Pire
  • Hiyama Kazuhiro
Maroo Entertainment
Million Market
MYSTIC Entertainment
  • Kim Seung Min
NH Media
  • Cho Han Kook
  • Kim Dong Hyun
  • Lee Ha Vit
Staro Entertainment
START Entertainment
The Music Works Entertainment
Urbane Music
  • Jung Sung Chul - member of 5NL
WM Entertainment
WYNN Entertainment
YG Entertainment
YNB Entertainment


Episode 14

# Name Agency Score
1 Woo Jin Young Happy Face Entertainment 8,114
2 Kim Hyo Jin WM Entertainment
3 Lee Ru Bin Liveworks Company
4 Kim Byeong Kwan Beat Interactive
5 Choi Hyun Suk YG Entertainment
6 Song Han Gyeom Staro Entertainment
7 Kim Min Seok WM Entertainment
8 Lee Dong Hun Beat Interactive
9 Lee Byoung Gon YG Entertainment
# Name Agency Score
1 Shin Ryu Jin JYP Entertainment 7,866
2 Lee Soo Min FAVE Entertainment
3 Park Soo Min IME Korea
4 Jeon Hee Jin BlockBerryCreative
5 Nam Yu Jin Bace Camp Entertainment
6 Choi Moon Hee Maroo Entertainment
7 Kim So Ri MOLE Entertainment
8 Jang Hyo Gyeong Star Empire Entertainment
9 Lee Ha Young Coridel Entertainment


The winning 9-member group was set to debut in April 2018.[3] However the debut was cancelled in May due to concerns of the contract length, with YG Entertainment suggesting 3 years instead of the original 4 months of promotions.[4][5]



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