Loveless is the first mini album by Gummy. It was released on April 29, 2010 in South Korea. The album was also released in Japan as her Japanese debut mini album, which features Japanese versions of her Korean discography. Two of the Korean versions from the album made it on the Japanese version: There is No Love (retitled "Love is a Lie") and As a Man (named "Aishite ne" or "Love Me"). It charted for two weeks, peaking #59 on the Oricon charts.

Track list


  1. "그만 헤어져 (Let's Break Up)"
  2. "Because Of You"
  3. "사랑은 없다 (There Is No Love)"
  4. "남자라서 (Because You're a Man)"
  5. "어떡해 (What Can I Do)"
  6. "누구세요 (Who Are You?)" (feat. Bigtone)


  1. "愛してね (Aishite ne, Love Me)"
  2. "Love Recipe"
  3. "ゴメンネ (Gomen ne, I'm Sorry)" (feat. T.O.P)
  4. "Love is a Lie"
  5. "忘れてほしい (Wasurete Hoshii, I Want to Forget)"
  6. "きれいなあなた (Kirei na Anata, Beautiful You)"


  1. ゴメンネ (feat. T.O.P) Video Clip
  2. ゴメンネ (feat. T.O.P) Short Movie
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