Lim Se Jun (임세준; or simply Se Jun) is a South Korean singer under Play M Entertainment. He is a member and lead vocalist of the boy group VICTON.


  • His nicknames are Sweaty Sejun, Angry Hippo, Honey Boy, Squat King.[citation needed]
  • Sejun likes to play League of Legends and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.[citation needed]
  • When he can’t sleep, he thinks about his schedule for the next day, then his thoughts will be well organized.[1]
  • He is a Christian.[citation needed]
  • Sejun starred in Huh Gak’s "The Last Night" MV and "Only You" MV.
  • Things he does before sleeping: He tells himself he did well that day.[1]
  • His happiest moment is when he hears fans cheering for him while being on the stage.[citation needed]
  • He is friends with SF9's Ro Woon and Zu Ho.[citation needed]
  • His role models are JiminDEAN, and Seo Kang Jun.[citation needed]



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