Like a Cat (사뿐사뿐) is the second mini album by AOA. It was released on November 11, 2014 with "Like a Cat" serving as the album's title track.

The title song was a success in Korea, with over 1,190,000 downloads as of February 2017.

A Japanese version of "Like a Cat" was recorded and used as the title track of their second Japanese single of the same name, released on February 25, 2015. This single also features a Japanese version of "Just the Two of Us". The Japanese version of "Like a Cat" is available on the group's first Japanese album Ace of Angels.

"Girl's Heart" was recorded in a Japanese version as well, available on their fourth Japanese single "Give Me the Love", released on April 20, 2016.

Track list

  1. "AOA" - 0:59
  2. "Like a Cat (사뿐사뿐)" - 3:39
  3. "Girl's Heart (여자사용법)" - 3:19
  4. "Just the Two of Us (단둘이)" - 3:25
  5. "Time" - 3:43
  6. "Tears Falling (휠릴리)" - 3:38

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