Lee Si An (이시안) is a South Korean trainee under Stone Music Entertainment.

She is best known for being a contestant on the survival shows Idol School and Produce 48.


2017: Idol School

Lee Si An originally appeared as a contestant on the survival show Idol School. She ranked 16th place in the finale, therefore being unable to debut with fromis_9.[1]

2018-present: Produce 48

In June 2018, she became a contestant on the survival show Produce 48. She was eliminated in episode 11 after ranking 30th place.[2]

In December 2019, a photo circulating from Banana Culture trainee Kim Nayoung's fan cafe showed her posing with Lee Si An in what appeared to be a girl group pre-debut photo. However, there has been no news regarding if Si An has switched to Banana Culture, if Nayoung switched to Stone Music, or if the image was photo shopped.


Survival shows

Music video appearances


  • Prior to appearing on Produce 48, she trained for 9 months.[3]



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