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Lana (Korea: 라나; Chinese: 拉娜; stylized as LANA) is a Russian singer-songwriter and model under Wild Entertainment Group.

Based in South Korea, she debuted as the first solo Russian idol on June 27, 2019 with the single "Take The Wheel".


2016–2018: Pre-debut[]

In an interview with Sports Seoul in August 2018, she revealed that she had been a trainee under Thought Entertainment from 2016 to February 2018, where she was preparing to make her idol solo debut, however, it was cancelled without any notice. Then, she left the agency and joined HiCC.[2]

2019: Solo debut[]

On June 27, she officially made her solo debut with the digital single "Take The Wheel".

On December 10, she released her second digital single "Make It Real", which is a surprise gift for her fandom and everyone that had been supporting her.[3]

2020: Produce Camp 2020, "Talk Talk", Bravo Youngsters![]

On March 11, Lana revealed that she would be a contestant on the Chinese reality survival show, Produce Camp 2020, under Bates MeThinks Entertainment.[4] She was eliminated in episode 9 after ranking 22nd place.[5]

On October 16, Lana revealed her first Chinese digital single, "Talk Talk", set for release on October 18.[6]

On November 20, Lana revealed that she would be taking part in her second Chinese reality survival show and that she would be a contestant on Bravo Youngsters!.[7][8]

2021-present: "Flyin' In The Sky", "222", new agency, "Circus"[]

On July 13, 2021, Lana revealed that she would be releasing her first self-composed and self-written song, "Flyin' In The Sky", on July 16.[9]

On March 22, 2022, Lana revealed that she would be releasing her third digital single, "222", on March 31.[10]

On January 1, 2023, it was revealed that Lana had signed with Wild Entertainment Group.[11]

On June 30, 2024, she announced her fourth digital single, "Circus."[12]. It was later released on July 11. [13]

Personal life[]


In November 2022, Lana was cast in the Korean dating show Eden II featuring four men and four women, where during the final episode which aired on January 3, 2023, she became a couple with male cast, Kim Su-min.[14] However, after the show, due to unknown reasons and circumstances, she revealed that she is in a relationship with another Eden II male cast, Joe I-geon.[15] By mid 2023, Lana had deleted all her shared SNS posts with Joe I-geon, thus it is assumed that two had quietly broken up.


Prior to moving to South Korea, she attended Russian Academy of Arts in Moscow, Russia. She then went on to study Korean in a language school for a year before entering university to study Political Science and Diplomacy at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea and received a scholarship.[16][17] However, it is presumed that at some point she dropped out or indefinitely defered her university course around 2019 or 2020 in favour of her full-time entertainment career.



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Music video appearances[]

  • J Cat - "Face Time" (feat. Rick Bridges, WD, Heavy Ray & Y$$L) (2019)


  • Lana is the first Russian idol to make a solo debut in the K-pop industry.[18]
  • She is a quarter Tatar through her father's ancestry.[1]
  • She is fluent in Russian, Korean, Mandarin and English.[1]
  • She trained for 2 years before debuting.[18]
  • Lana is skilled in dance and knows ballet, jazz, waltz and traditional Russian folk dance.[17]
  • She has been learning dance from an early age.[2]
  • She can play the piano.[2]
  • She graduated from the prestigious Russian Academy of Arts with straight A's.[17]
  • She achieved a perfect credit score of 4.0 during the second semester of her first year of attending Sungkyunkwan University which earned her a scholarship.[17]
  • In Korea, she joined a dance crew and did busking for three months.[2]
  • Prior to becoming a trainee, she worked as a part-time model.[2]
  • After watching the drama Boys Over Flowers, she found the Korean language and pronunciation beautiful, and after initially self-studying the language, she travelled to Korea to learn the language following her high school graduation in 2014.[19]
  • Lana's MBTI type is ENTP.[20]





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