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LUCY (루시) is a four-member boy band under MYSTIC89. They debuted on May 8, 2020 with their first single "Dear.".


2019: SuperBand

The band was formed on the JTBC audition show SuperBand and won second place. They toured together in the Superband Nation Wide Concert.

For the following tour, the Top 3 Superband Concert, Lee Ju Hyuk was anable to attend due to conflicting schedule with the release of his band's new album[1]. He eventually decided to leave the group in order to go back to his original band, GIFT.

It was annonced on November 27, 2019 that Choi Sang Yeop, a contestant eliminated during the first round of SuperBand, will replace Ju Hyuk.[2]

2020: Debut with "Dear", Panorama & "Snooze"

It was announced on March 27 that the band signed with MYSTIC89.[3] They debuted on May 8, 2020 with their first single "Dear.".

On July 30, the band announced their first mini album called Panorama will be released on August 13 and will feature a new version of the song "Flare", performed on SuperBand.[4]

On November 1, the band announced their second single album, "Snooze", will be released on November 12. It will feature a new version of the song "Snooze", performed on SuperBand.[5]

2021: "Inside", "Love Me Love You", "Gatcha!", "Irrelevant Answer" and Blue

On February 2, the band announced their third single album, "Inside", will be released on February 16, 2021.[6]

On April 11, the band announced a collaboration single with lyricist Kim Eana and AKMU's Lee Su Hyun titled "Love Me Love You".[7] It was released for free on April 15, and in collaboration with the animal shelter "Kara The Bom Center" to raise awareness on neglected and abandoned pets.[8]

On June 9, the band announced their fourth single album, "Gatcha!", to be released on June 16.[9]

On August 18, the band announced their digital single, "Irrelevant Answer", which was released on August 20.[10]

On November 25, the band announced their second mini album, Blue, to be released on December 7.[11]

2022: "daybreak X LUCY : Part.1", "daybreak X LUCY : Part.2", "Run Away", "Trip:Tape #03", Childhood

On March 24, 2022, the band announced the digital single, "daybreak X LUCY : Part.1", made in collaboration with the indie band DAYBREAK, which was released on March 31.[12]

On April 4, they announced the second collaboration "daybreak X LUCY : Part.2", set to release on April 7.[13]

They released their third digital single, "Run Away", which is a remake of Delispice's "항상 엔진을 켜둘께", on May 18.[14]

The band released their fourth digital single, "Trip: Tape #03", on May 31, as part of the Trip: Tape travel project.[15]

On August 5, Mystic Story announced the band is planning to release a new album in August.[16] On August 9, a teaser revealed that they will release their first studio album, Childhood on August 17.[17]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Shin Ye Chan (신예찬) Leader, Violinist 2019–present
Choi Sang Yeop (최상엽) Vocal, Guitar 2019–present
Cho Won Sang (조원상) Bass, Producer 2019–present
Shin Gwang Il (신광일) Drums, Vocal 2019–present
Lee Ju Hyuk (이주혁) Vocal, Guitar 2019


Studio albums

Mini albums

Single albums

Digital singles



Other releases


  • LUCY Island :First Landing (2021)[18]
  • From. LUCY (2021)[19]
  • All Kind Of (2021)[20]
  • Childhood (2022)[21]


Reality shows


  • All the members were former contestants on JTBC's audition show SuperBand.
  • In the studio where Cho Won Sang worked during SuperBand, there was a dog called Lucy. Since the members always spent time with it, they decided to name themselves "LUCY". "Lucy" also comes from the latin "lux" meaning "light".
  • Shin Gwang Il originally auditioned on SuperBand as a vocalist but offered to play the drums on some of his team performances and ended up being LUCY's drummer.


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