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LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) is a five-member girl group under Source Music. Originally as six, they debuted on May 2, 2022 with their first mini album Fearless.

The group's name is an anagram of "I'm Fearless", and it implies self-confidence and strong will to move forward without being swayed by the world's gaze.[4]



In 2011, Sakura joined HKT48 as a Kenkyuusei. She eventually became the co-captain of Team KIV.[citation needed]

On February 24, 2014, during the AKB48 Group Daisokaku Matsuri, Sakura's Kennin position (member of two different groups and teams at the same time) with AKB48 Team A was announced. She remained a member of AKB48's Team A until December 8, 2017, where, during the AKB48 12th Anniversary Shuffle, her position in the group was cancelled.

In 2018, Sakura, Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin competed on Mnet's survival show Produce 48 in which only Sakura and Chaewon ranked in the final 12, thus debuting as members of the project girl group IZ*ONE. The group debuted on October 29, 2018 and disbanded on April 29, 2021.

On May 15, 2021, after returning to Japan, Sakura announced her graduation from HKT48.[5] Her graduation concert, Bouquet, was held at Marine Messe Fukuoka on June 19. Her send-off party was held on June 27 at the HKT48 Theater, making it her final theater performance.

On August 17, 2021, rumors surfaced that Sakura and Chaewon would be recruited into Source Music's new girl group. Later HYBE released a brief statement in response to the claims that they "cannot help verify information regarding our artist contracts. We ask for your understanding.”[6] Later on, fans reported that Chaewon's profile was removed from Woollim Entertainment's official website and that Woollim was no longer listed as the agency she is under on her Daum and Naver profiles, leaving speculation that she had left the company and signed with HYBE.[7]

On August 19, 2021, it was reported that Sakura would return to Korea on August 23 to discuss a new contract with HYBE.[8][9] On September 23, it was reported that she had signed an exclusive contract with Source Music.[10] In response to the report, a representative of HYBE once again issued the following statement: "We cannot confirm any details regarding an artist's exclusive contract."[11] On November 1, 2021, Vernalossom announced that Sakura's contract with them has ended.[12]

On August 24, 2021, it was reported that Yunjin had been transferred from Pledis Entertainment to Source Music and she would be debuting in their upcoming girl group.[13]

On March 14, 2022, it was announced that Sakura and Chaewon had officially signed to Source Music and would be debuting in their upcoming girl group.[14]

2022 (1): Debut with Fearless, webtoon, first music show win, Garam's hiatus and departure[]

On March 21, Source Music confirmed that their new girl group would be preparing to debut in May 2022.[15] On March 25, Source Music started a 72-hour countdown through their official website with the page reading "IM FEARLESS" which would later revealed to be an anagram for the group's name, LE SSERAFIM.[16][17] Later that same day, it was reported that the group would have six members, including Sakura, Chaewon, Yunjin, two trainees from Source Music and a Dutch member personally recruited by the CEO of Source Music.[18]

On March 29, a project called 'The First Moment of LE SSERAFIM' was revealed through Weverse, which would start with the reveal of the group's first member, Sakura on April 4.[19] On April 4, the project 'The First Moment of LE SSERAFIM' was started, in which voice messages, signature and exclusive photos of the members were revealed, as well as snippets of the group's debut song through their official website.[20][21] On April 12, it was reported that around 120,000 digital souvenirs were sold out during the project.[22]

On March 30, it was reported that HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk ("Hitman Bang") would be in charge of LE SSERAFIM's debut album, being credited as the 'Executive Producer'.[23] On March 31, it was revealed that the group would be working with creative director Kim Seong-Hyun, who has previously worked with other HYBE groups such as BTS and TXT.[24]

LE SSERAFIM at their debut showcase (May 02, 2022)

LE SSERAFIM at their debut showcase at Janchung Arena on May 2, 2022.

On April 4, Sakura was introduced as the group's first member,[25] followed by Kim Garam on April 5,[26] Hong Eunchae on April 6,[27] Kim Chaewon on April 7,[28] Kazuha on April 8,[29] and Huh Yunjin on April 9.[30] On April 10 and 11, the videos "LE SSERAFIM 'Casting Call'" and "LE SSERAFIM 2022 'FEARLESS' SHOW" were released through HYBE Labels oficial YouTube Channel, featuring the full group for the first time.[31][32]

On April 13, Source Music announced that the group was set to debut on May 2 with the mini album Fearless.[33][34] On April 19, the group's Debut Trailer titled "The World Is My Oyster" was released.[35] On April 21, it was reported that Fearless had surpassed 270,000 copies sold within the first week of its pre-order period.[36] A week later, on April 30, YG PLUS revealed that pre-orders for the album had exceeded 380,000 copies.[37] The album broke the weekly sales record for a debut album by a girl group on Hanteo, selling 300,000 copies in its first week.[38]

LE SSERAFIM DAZED Korea (July 2022)

LE SSERAFIM for Dazed Korea on July 2022.

On April 29, Source Music reported that the group would have their own webtoon titled "Crimson Heart". It was also reported that "Blue Flame", the third track from the group's debut album "Fearless", would be the official theme for the webtoon.[39]

On May 10, the group took their first ever music show win for "Fearless" on SBS MTV's The Show.[40] On May 20, Source Music announced that Garam would be taking a hiatus from group activities due to the bullying accusations made against her. Thus, LE SSERAFIM will be carrying out activities as 5 members for the time being.[41]

On July 20, Source Music announced that they had terminated their contract with Garam and that LE SSERAFIM would continue as a five member group.[42][43]

2022 (2): Fandom name, Antifragile[]

LE SSERAFIM Elle Korea (September 2022) (Cover)

LE SSERAFIM on the cover of Elle Korea D Edition on September, 2022.

On August 8, they revealed their official fandom name, “FEARNOT,” which is a homonym of “blooming” in Korean, carries a meaning that LE SSERAFIM marching forward fearlessly and fans who do “not fear” loving and supporting LE SSERAFIM come together to “bloom” every new moment.[1][44] On August 9, member Yunjin released a self-composed and produced song called "Raise y_our glass" accompanied by a music video celebrating 100 days since the group's debut.[45][46]

On September 1, Source Music revealed to Newsen that LE SSERAFIM is preparing for their first-ever comeback and that more details of the schedule would be revealed later.[47] It was later on reported the group would be making their return in October and their first comeback without former member Garam.[48] On September 15, JTBC reported that the group would return on October 17, but Source Music and HYBE didn't confirm the information.[49]

On September 15, the trailer for the group's documentary titled "LE SSERAFIM - The World Is My Oyster" was released through HYBE's YouTube channel, announcing its release for September 17, in four episodes.[50] The documentary portrays the group's pre-debut period, and shows how the five members were recruited.[51]

On September 18, a teaser titled "DO YOU THINK IM FRAGILE?" was revealed through HYBE Labels official YouTube channel.[52] Later on September 19, Source Music announced that the group would make a comeback on October 17 with their second mini album titled Antifragile.[53] Source Music described Antifragile as an album that contains LE SSERAFIM's inner stories and attitudes as they become stronger once they face adversities.[53]

2023: Japanese debut with "Fearless", first fanmeeting, Unforgiven, "Unforgiven", "Perfect Night"[]

On November 24, 2022, LE SSERAFIM's Japanese SNS revealed that the group would make their Japanese debut on January 25, 2023, with the single "Fearless".[54][55] The single was later certified Double Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan for selling over 500,000 units, marking the first time ever that a K-pop group has done so with a debut single.[56]

LE SSERAFIM Unforgiven group concept photo 7

Concept photo for Unforgiven

On January 30, 2023, a logo motion teaser posted to the group's official social media accounts announced they will hold their first-ever fanmeeting, titled LE SSERAFIM Fan Meeting ‘Fearnada’ 2023 S/S, on March 18 and 19 in South Korea.[57]

On March 16, Star News reported that LE SSERAFIM will be releasing an album in early May. Hours later, Source Music responded to the reports and stated that the comeback date will be revealed later.[58] On April 3, a teaser video was dropped which announced that the group will be releasing their first studio album, Unforgiven, on May 1.[59]

On June 20, LE SSERAFIM's Japanese SNS revealed that the group will release their second Japanese single, "Unforgiven", on August 23.[60]

On October 4, iMBC reported that LE SSERAFIM will be making a comeback in late October.[61] On October 12, it was announced that the group will release their first English digital single "Perfect Night" on October 27.[62]

2024: Easy, upcoming release[]

On January 22, 2024, LE SSERAFIM announced that their third mini album, Easy, will be released on February 19.[63]

On June 28, Source Music confirmed that LE SSERAFIM is currently preparing for a comeback, aiming for a late August release.[64]


The group doesn't have official positions, except the leader.

Name Position(s)[65] Gemstone[66] Years active
Sakura (사쿠라) Vocalist      Pink Diamond 2022–present
Kim Chaewon (김채원) Leader, Vocalist, Dancer      Diamond 2022–present
Huh Yunjin (허윤진) Vocalist, Dancer      Emerald 2022–present
Kazuha (카즈하) Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper      Sapphire 2022–present
Hong Eunchae (홍은채) Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae      Ruby 2022–present
Kim Garam (김가람) Vocalist N/A 2022
Haruka (하루카)[67] N/A 2022
Ryu Hanbi (류한비)[68] N/A 2022



Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]

Remix singles[]


Other official releases[]



Digital singles[]



Digital singles[]

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  • 2023 LE SSERAFIM Tour 'Flame Rises' in Seoul (2024)


Asia tours[]

Concert participations[]




  • LE SSERAFIM - The World Is My Oyster (YouTube, 2022)

Variety shows[]

  • LENIVERSE (YouTube, 2022)

Reality shows[]

  • LE PLAY (YouTube, 2022)
  • LE SSERAFIM EPISODE (YouTube, 2022)
  • FIM-LOG (YouTube, 2022)
  • LE SSERAFIM's DAY OFF (YouTube, 2022)

Web shows[]

  • LE SSERAFIM's After Party (YouTube, 2022)
  • LE SSERAFIM's MEETING (YouTube, 2022)
  • LE SSERAFIM COMPANY (YouTube, 2022)


  • LE SSERAFIM's Day Off in Jeju (2023)
  • LENIVERSE Photobook : FIMbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (2023)
  • [On-Off] 22-23 Photobook (2024)
    • [On-Off] 22-23 Film Photobook (2024)


On March 22, 2023, LE SSERAFIM were announced as the new models for Vita 500 Zero.[78]

  • Vita 500 Zero (2023)

Awards and nominations[]

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