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The image policy for Kpop Wiki outlines the rules and guidelines for images uploaded and used here.


  • Images should come from official sources only (eg. artist's website, social media etc.), not from fan sites and personal, non -artist accounts.
  • When uploading a new image, please do not overwrite an existing one unless it is to replaced with a higher quality version.
  • Fanart, self-created/edited images, memes, screenshots are not allowed on the articles. They can be however be added and used on your user page.
  • Unused/abandoned images can be cleaned up and deleted.
  • Images that do not comply with the image policy, is spam, a personal attack, will be deleted promptly.


  • Images should be placed in their respective articles and/or galleries.
    • Group photos should stay in the group's main article/gallery (same goes for individuals)
    • For subunits/units, they should be placed accordingly to how they are promoted (eg. PRISTIN V photos in their own article, unit teasers for a full group comeback (eg. LABOUM) in the group's article.
  • When included in the main article body, images should be scaled down to either thumbnail size or 220px wide.
    • Eg. [[File:AESPA performing on The Show 2020.png|thumb|left|220x220px|The group performing at ''SBS MTV's [[The Show]]'' on November 24, 2020]]
  • An image can only appear once in an article. Any duplicates of the image will be removed.
  • Only one image may be used an artist's infobox. It is recommended that the latest image from a comeback be used and provided that it is clear to the reader that it represents the artist (avoid obstructions, back-facing etc.).
  • For album/single/concert infoboxes, galleries are permitted in the infobox due to potential different album covers and posters.
    • To create a gallery on the image parameter in the infobox, please follow the example below:
| image    = <gallery>
Example1.png|This is a caption
Example2.png|This is a caption
Example3.png|This is a caption
Example4.png|This is a caption



When uploading, please use a descriptive name for easy identification and use. If a reader comes across a photo they want know more about, its name will help them to finding similar content online. It also makes it easier for the editor too!

An image should consist the following: Group namename of individualname of release (eg. album/single's name, magazine's name etc.) → image type (eg. teaser photo, concept photo, promo photo, pictorial etc.)

Images that are in a same release/set must be labeled with numbers in chronological order (eg. ...teaser photo (1).png, ...teaser photo (2).png, etc.)


  • Girls' Generation Taeyeon Gee teaser photo.png
  • Taeyeon This Christmas Winter is Coming promo photo.png
    • Note: Because she is promoting as a soloist, there's no need to mention her group's name.

Other examples:

  • Good:
    • File:Girls' Generation Lion Heart group promo photo.png
    • File:BIGBANG MADE album cover.png
    • File:TWICE Nayeon TWICEcoaster Lane 2 promo photo (2).png
    • File:Red Velvet Yeri's birthday Instagram post (March 5, 2017).png
      • Note: For SNS images, the SNS website and the date of posting should be indicated as well.
  • Bad:
    • File:Taeyeon.png (correct format but not descriptive enough, must be renamed)
    • File:Example.jpg
    • File:123456.jpg
    • File:Tumblr-oelik14wmlg2wshp4gylsl.jpg
    • File:G-Dragon.jpg
    • File:I Got A Boy promo photo.jpg

Images that do not meet the criteria may be removed and the user will be notified on how to upload the correct version.

NOTE: Due to Wiki technical restrictions, the symbols (# < > [ ] { } |) can not be included in the name.


  • Images must state the type of licensing.
    • Most would fall under fair use like official teasers & concept photos.
    • User-created images would be tagged as Self.
  • More information on the different licensing tags can be found here.

Quality and formats

  • Images should be in decent quality (at least 360p, upwards to 2160p) as they are preferred over low resolution and bad quality images.
    • The maximum file size on Fandom is 10MB.
  • PNG and webP are the preferred image file format as JPG tends to be lower quality, pixelated and grainy.
    • JPG can be uploaded if they are used on your personal user page and blogs ONLY.
  • GIFs are only allowed on articles if the teaser itself is a gif.
    • Otherwise they can only used on your personal user page and blogs.
  • Photos with unofficial/large news watermarks or subtitles are not acceptable and will be deleted.


  • Images must be categorized with an appropriate category.
    • Example: A photo of Taeyeon should only include the category [[Category:Taeyeon]] to group files related to the artist together. Do not categorize it with her group (Girls' Generation and its subunits) to keep things more simply and clutter-free.
  • Subunit images must be categorized according to how they are promoted.
    • Example: Images of WJSN CHOCOME under [[Category:WJSN CHOCOME]], WJSN unit images for Dream Your Dream (example) under [[Category:WJSN]].
    • Images used in personal user page and blogs must be tagged with [[Category:User images]]


  • Galleries should have images related to the subject. Acceptable images include teasers, promotional, pictorials and CFs. For more info on how to create galleries, please check out here.
  • There is a limit of 25 photos on a main article gallery to avoid cluttering. If there are more, a separate article should be created.
  • Images should be placed into their respective sections:
    • Promotional (Teasers, concepts from promotional cycle)
    • Pictorial (CF & magazine photoshoots, media outlets)
    • SNS (with restrictions)
    • Miscellaneous (Behind the scenes, official logo, merchandise etc.)
  • Please use the wikitext layout provided below for galleries:
<gallery captionalign="center" hideaddbutton="true" orientation="square" spacing="small" widths="150">
Example1.png|This is a caption
Example2.png|This is a caption
Example3.png|This is a caption
Example4.png|This is a caption
  • Images should have an accompanying caption as well to describe the context of the photo.


  • Only photos with relevance and importance should be included:
    • Award wins
    • Concert/live performances
    • Backstage/fan-meets
    • Anniversaries
    • Holiday greetings
    • With other celebrities
  • Private life photos like normal selfies, something that does not tie with a certain event, are not acceptable and can be deleted.
  • Source of image should be from an official SNS account, not fan account.

Additional help

  • If you are unsure on something or need clarification, please send a message to the Wiki's bureaucrat.