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This page outlines the blocking policy on K-pop Wiki.

What is a block?

A block is a way in that an administrator prevents a user from editing. Blocks are preventative measure that are designed to enforce the Wiki's policies and stopping major disruption. Block lengths may vary, depending on the severity, and is outlined in the sections below.

Reasons for blocking

A bureaucrat or administrator may block users and IP addresses for the following reasons:

  1. Vandalism – Deliberate attempts to lower the quality of the Wiki which includes blanking pages, removing content, and inserting false information.
  2. Breaking K-pop Wiki guidelines and policies – This Wiki has established guidelines and policies that are to be adhered to. Offenders who repeatedly disregard the policies can led to a block. This also includes the Wiki's Discussions guidelines as well.
  3. Disruption – This includes repeated vandalism, edit warring, and behavior that damages the Wiki and its community.
  4. Violating Fandom's Term of Use
  5. Inappropriate username – Usernames that are disruptive, offensive, and misleading will led to an indefinite block.
  6. Personal attacks – Users that attack or harass other users will not be tolerated and will receive a warning first. If it escalates, a block will be imposed depending on the severity.
  7. Posting personal information – The posting of personal information (such as an address, phone number, etc.) of anyone is not allowed. Users will be warned first and will be blocked if continues.
  8. Spamming – The addition of promotional material (whether personal or corporate) into articles is not allowed.
  9. Sockpuppetry – Creating a new account to evade an existing block in order to continue to edit will lead to an indefinite block on the secondary account and an extended block on the original account.

Block lengths

The length of a block will progress as per the list below. For those who act in good faith or have unintended/minor vandalism, a notice will be sent out on how to correct their edits.

Instance # Action
Good faith-edits / unintended, minor vandalism Notice
1st instance Warning
2nd instance 24 hours
3rd instance 1 week
4th instance 1–3 months (depends on severity)
5th instance (or severe cases) Indefinite

As shown above, users can face an indefinite block in severe cases including abusing multiple accounts, severe vandalism/disruption to the Wiki.

If you are blocked

If you were blocked for the first time, please read the message that was sent to your message wall on the reason(s) why. If it is sometime minor like not following the rules repeatedly, consider review the Wiki's policies before waiting it out. If you disagree and would like to appeal, you must send a message to an admin on explaining why (the list of administrators is found under the Community and help tab at the top of the site.

If you are blocked, DO NOT create a new account to bypass it. That is considered sockpuppetry as you are abusing multiple accounts. You may face an extended block on your original account and your secondary account will be indefinitely blocked.


If you need any questions or clarification on the blocking policy, please message the Wiki's bureaucrat Blueway.

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