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Kim Sung Kyu (김성규), also known simply as Sung Kyu, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor under Double H TNE. He is the leader and main vocalist of the boy group INFINITE.

He made his solo debut on November 19, 2012 with the mini album Another Me.


2010: Debut with INFINITE

On June 9, 2010, Sung Kyu debuted as a member of INFINITE with the mini album First Invasion.

2012: Solo debut

On November 19, 2012, he made solo debut with the mini album Another Me.[1]

2021: Departure from Woollim Entertainment, new agency

On March 7, 2021, Woollim Entertainment announced Sung Kyu's departure from the agency following the expiration of his contract on the 6th after he decided not to renew it.[2] The single album "Won't Forget You" is his last release under the agency.

On June 14, it was announced that Sung Kyu had signed a contract with Double H TNE.[3]

2022: Savior

On March 29, 2022, Sung Kyu announced his fourth mini album Savior, set for release on April 22, which is his first release under his new agency.[4]

Personal life


Sung Kyu studied at Dae Kyung University.

Military service

Sung Kyu began his military service on May 14, 2018. He participated in the military musical productions Shinheung Military Academy[5] and Return: The Promise of the Day.[6] He also recorded a song with other enlisted idols, including Key, Xiumin, Jo Kwon, Jeon Jinwoon, Yoon Jisung and Changsub.[7] He was discharged on January 8, 2020 and received an award of appreciation.[8]


Studio albums

Live albums

  • Kim Sung Kyu 1st Solo Concert Live 'Shine' (2018)

Mini albums

Single albums

Digital singles



  • "A Deadbeat's Meal OST" ("Ready To Go") (2022)

Producing and writing credits

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[9]
Artist Song Album Type
Kim Sung Kyu "41 Il (41일; 41 Days)" Another Me Writing
INFINITE "Light" Season 2 Writing
"Together (함께)" "Grow OST"
Kim Sung Kyu "City of Angel (천사의 도시)" 10 Stories Writing
Kim Sung Kyu "Room" Inside Me Writting
Kim Sung Kyu "Savior" Savior Writting
"I Dare You"
"Fog (안개)" Composing


South Korea tours

  • 2022 Kim Sung Kyu Concert [LV - Light & Voice] (2022)[10]


Reality shows


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