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For other people known as 'Da Yeon', see Dayeon.

Kim Da Yeon (김다연) is a South Korean trainee under Jellyfish Entertainment. She is best known for being a contestant on the survival reality shows, Produce 48 and Girls Planet 999, the latter on which she placed fourth, making her a member of the project girl group Kep1er.


2018: Produce 48, new agency

In May 2018, she became a contestant on the survival show Produce 48, where she represented CNC School. She was eliminated in episode 5 after ranking 70th place.[1]

On December 26, 2018, Stardium announced that Dayeon had joined the agency.[2] However, by early 2020, it is known that multiple trainees had departed from Stardium, including Dayeon.

2021–present: Girls Planet 999, Kep1er

On July 7, Dayeon was confirmed as an upcoming contestant on Mnet's newest reality show Girls Planet 999, along with the other participating trainees, through the prologue trailer.[3] The show began airing on August 6 and finished on October 22. During the show's finale, she was revealed to have ranked 4th overall, thus making her a member of Kep1er.


Survival shows

Music video appearances


  • Prior to Produce 48, she was a trainee for 8 months.[4]
  • Her motto during Produce 48 was "I will show you my smile."[4]
  • Her hobbies are performing freestyle and modern dance.[4]
  • Her specialties are hip hop dancing and basketball.[4]
  • Prior to Girls Planet 999's premier episode air date, Dayeon was the K-Group's center during their official theme song performance.[5]
  • Her MBTI personality type is ESTP.[6]
  • Her hobby is walking while listening to music.[6]
  • Her specialty is dance.[6]