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Kenzie (켄지) is a South Korean songwriter and producer signed under SM Entertainment.


With aspirations to become a music producer and composer in her native South Korea, Kenzie moved to the United States as a young adult to further her studies. She graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1999 after majoring in music production and engineering.[1]

Although trained in classical music, Kenzie acquainted herself with the pop scene through the knowledge of the success of SM Entertainment groups such as H.O.T and S.E.S. While studying at Berklee, she set a goal of working with SM Entertainment, and was given the opportunity soon after returning home to South Korea.[1]

Producing and writing credits

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[2]


Artist Song Album Type
Black Beat "Make It High" '02 SMTOWN Summer Vacation Writing, composing, arranging
Isak N Jiyeon "The Sign" Tell Me Baby
BoA "Time to Begin" Atlantis Princess Writing, composing, arranging
"Milky Way"
SMTOWN "All My True Love" 2003 Summer Vacation in SMTown
SMTOWN "Snowflake" 2003 Winter Vacation In SMTown
BoA "My Name" My Name Writing, composing, arranging
"I Kiss"
SMTOWN "Hot Mail" 2004 Summer Vacation in SMTown
BoA "Lollipop"
TraxX "On The Road" "Paradox"
TVXQ! "Like Now" Tri-Angle
"Hey, Kid" Composing
"Magic Castle" Christmas Gift from TVXQ! Arranging
"Angels We Have Heard On High"
"Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"
BoA "Moto" Girls On Top Writing, composing, arranging
"Garden In The Air"
TVXQ! "One" Rising Sun
TVXQ!, SUPER JUNIOR "Show Me Your Love" "Show Me Your Love"
TVXQ! "I Wanna Hold You"
BoA "People Say..." "Everlasting" Writing, composing, arranging
SMTOWN "The Sun is Full" 2006 Summer SMTown
TVXQ! "Oasis"
"Remember" O-Jung.Ban.Hap Composing
"When We'll Be Together" '06 Winter SMTown Writing, composing, arranging
BoA "Dotch" Composing, arranging
TraxX "Cold Rain" "Find The Way / Cold Rain -Hatsu ame-" Writing, composing
The Grace "One More Time, OK? One More Time, OK? Writing, composing, arranging
"Sweet Emotion"
Girls' Generation "Into the New World" "Into the New World" Composing, arranging
SUPER JUNIOR "Hate U, Love U" Don't Don Composing
"I Am" Arranging
"The Girl Is Mine" Composing
"Our Love" Arranging
Girls' Generation "Girls' Generation" Girls' Generation
"Merry-Go-Round" Composing, arranging
"Tinkerbell" Arranging
BoA "On December 27th" '07 Winter SMTown Composing, arranging
SUPER JUNIOR-M "Me" Me Composing
Girls' Generation "Haptic Motion" "Haptic Motion" Writing, composing, arranging
SHINee "Real" Replay Composing, arranging
SUPER JUNIOR-Happy "Sunny" Cooking? Cooking!
SHINee "Graze" The SHINee World
Y, Si Fuera Ella? Writing
TVXQ! "Rainbow" Mirotic Writing, composing, arranging
Girls' Generation "Way to Go!" Gee Composing, arranging
SUPER JUNIOR "Angela" Sorry, Sorry
"Monster" Writing
Girls' Generation "Girlfriend" Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) Composing, arranging
f(x) "La Cha Ta" "La Cha Ta" Writing, composing, arranging
SUPER JUNIOR-M "Only U" Super Girl Writing
SHINee "JoJo" 2009, Year of Us Writing, composing, arranging


Artist Song Album Type
Girls' Generation "Oh!" Oh! Composing, arranging
f(x) "Mr. Boogie" NU ABO Writing
SUPER JUNIOR "Boom Boom" Bonamana
"Your Eyes" Composing, arranging
"My Only Girl" Arranging
"No Other" Bonamana (Repackage) Writing
SHINee "Life" Lucifer Composing
BoA "Hurricane Venus" Hurricane Venus Writing
"M.E.P (My Electronic Piano)" Composing, arranging
"Copy & Paste" Copy & Paste Writing
Girls' Generation "Mistake" Hoot Arranging
TVXQ! "She" Keep Your Head Down Writing
f(x) "Pinocchio (Danger)" Pinocchio
"Hot Summer" Hot Summer
The Grace-Dana&Sunday "One More Chance" "One More Chance" Writing, composing, arranging
SUPER JUNIOR "Opera" Mr. Simple Writing
"Storm" Composing
"A Day" A-Cha
Girls' Generation "Oscar" The Boys
SHINee "Stranger" The First
Girls' Generation "Diamond" 2011 SMTown Winter
SHINee "Stranger" Sherlock Composing, arranging
Girls' Generation-TTS "OMG (Oh My God)" Twinkle
f(x) "Jet" Electric Shock Writing, composing, arranging
SUPER JUNIOR "Bittersweet" Sexy, Free & Single Composing, arranging
"Spy" Spy Writing
TVXQ! "Viva" Catch Me
"Like a Soap" Writing, composing, arranging


Humanoids Writing
Girls' Generation "Express 999" I Got a Boy Composing
SUPER JUNIOR-M "Tunnel" Break Down
SHINee "Why So Serious?" Why So Serious? - The Misconceptions of Me Writing, composing, arranging
"Evil" Writing, composing
EXO "Wolf" XOXO Writing, composing, arranging
"Baby" Writing, composing
f(x) "Signal" Pink Tape Writing, composing, arranging
SHINee "Queen of New York" Everybody
EXO "First Snow" Miracles in December
TVXQ! "Your Man" Tense Writing, composing, arranging
Girls' Generation "Europa" Mr.Mr.
EXO "Overdose" Overdose Writing
f(x) "Red Light" Red Light
"MILK" Writing, composing
Henry "Fantastic" Fantastic
"Need You Now" (feat. Hoya)
J-Min "My Everyday" Shine
Taemin "Wicked" Ace
Kyuhyun "At Gwanghwamun" At Gwanghwamun
Chen "Up Rising" Exology Chapter 1: The Lost Planet
SUPER JUNIOR "Lunar Eclipse" "Mamacita (Ayaya)" Composing
SHINee "LOVE" "Your Number" Composing, arranging
Red Velvet "Somethin Kinda Crazy" Ice Cream Cake Writing, composing, arranging
EXO "Transformer" Exodus
SHINee "Love Sick" Odd
"Trigger" Writing, composing
SUPER JUNIOR "Devil" Devil
"Good Love"
TVXQ! "Rise As One" Rise as God Writing
SHINee "Savior" Married to the Music Writing, composing
Girls' Generation "Fire Alarm" Lion Heart Writing, composing, arranging
Red Velvet "Huff n Puff" The Red Writing
"Lady's Room" Writing, composing, arranging
Kyuhyun "A Million Pieces" Fall, Once Again
f(x) "Papi" 4 Walls Writing, composing
"Cash Me Out" Writing
EXO "Sing For You" Sing For You Writing, arranging
Taemin "Sexuality" Press It Writing
Red Velvet "Cool Hot Sweet Love" The Velvet
"Light Me Up" Writing, composing
"First Time" Writing, composing, arranging
EXO "Monster" Ex'Act
Zhoumi "What's Your Number?" What's Your Number? Writing
J-Min "Ready For Your Love" "Ready For Your Love"
NCT Dream "Chewing Gum" "Chewing Gum" Composing
Red Velvet "Lucky Girl" Russian Roulette Writing
"Some Love" Writing, composing
SHINee "Shift" 1 of 1
EXO-CBX "Rhythm After Summer" Hey Mama!
Kangta "If I Told Ya" Home Chapter 1
SHINee "Rescue" 1 and 1
EXO "For Life" For Life
NCT 127 "Limitless" NCT 127 Limitless Writing, composing
Seohyun "Don't Say No" Don't Say No
NCT Dream "Dunk Shot" "The First" Arranging
Taeyeon "I Got Love" My Voice Writing, composing
"Sweet Love"
"Lonely Night" Writing, composing, arranging
BoA "Spring Rain" "Spring Rain"
Red Velvet "Red Flavor The Red Summer Writing
EXO "What U Do?" The War Writing, composing
Girls' Generation "All Night" Holiday Night Writing
"Fan" Writing, composing, arranging
"Light Up the Sky" Writing, composing
NCT Dream "We Young" We Young
Red Velvet "Peek-a-Boo" Perfect Velvet Writing
"Attaboy" Writing, composing
EXO-CBX "Playdate" Blooming Days Writing
SUPER JUNIOR "Lo Siento" (feat. Leslie Grace & Play-N-Skillz) Replay
SHINee "All Day All Night" The Story of Light EP.1
Taeyeon "All Night Long" (feat. Lucas) Something New Writing, composing
SHINee "Our Page" The Story of Light EP.3 Writing
Red Velvet "Power Up" Summer Magic
"Mr. E" Writing, composing
NATURE "Allegro Cantabile" "Girls and Flowers" Arranging
NCT Dream "We Go Up" We Go Up Writing
BoA "Good Love" Woman Writing, composing
EXO "24/7" Don't Mess Up My Tempo Writing
Key "One of Those Nights" (feat. Crush) Face
Red Velvet "RBB (Really Bad Boy)" RBB Writing, composing
"Sassy Me"
Onew "Blue" Voice Writing
TVXQ! "Sooner Than Later (feat. The Quiett) New Chapter 2 : The Truth of Love Writing, composing
Taemin "Want" Want Writing
Taeyeon "Four Seasons"

"Four Seasons"

Writing, composing, arranging
Chen "Love Words" April, and a Flower
Baekhyun "Betcha" City Lights Writing, composing
CIX "Like It That Way" 'Hello' Chapter 1. Hello, Stranger Composing
Red Velvet "Carpool" 'The ReVe Festival' Day 2 Writing
"Jumpin'" Writing, composing
Chen "Shall We?" Dear My Dear
SuperM "I Can't Stand The Rain" SuperM
Taeyeon "Spark" Purpose Writing, composing, arranging
"Love You Like Crazy"
SuperM "Let's Go Everywhere" "Let's Go Everywhere"
EXO "Obsession" Obsession Writing
"Ya Ya Ya"
BoA "Think About You" Starry Night Writing, composing
Red Velvet "Psycho" 'The ReVe Festival' Finale Writing
"In & Out" Writing, composing


Artist Song Album Type
THE BOYZ "Shake You Down" Reveal Writing, composing, arranging
NCT 127 "Punch" NCT 127 Neo Zone: The Final Round
"Non Stop" Writing, composing
Baekhyun "Candy" Delight Writing
"R U Ridin?" Writing, composing
"Poppin'" Writing
Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi "Monster" Monster
ITZY "Be in Love" Not Shy Writing, composing
THE BOYZ "Shine Shine" Chase Writing, composing, arranging
"The Stealer" Writing
SuperM "One (Monster & Infinity)" Super One Writing, composing, arranging
NCT U "Light Bulb" NCT Resonance Pt. 1 Writing
NCT 127 "Music, Dance" Writing, composing
TWICE "Believer" Eyes Wide Open Writing, composing, arranging
NCT U "90's Love" NCT Resonance Pt. 2 Writing
"Raise the Roof"
BoA "L.O.V.E" Better Composing
"Cut Me Off" Writing
Taeyeon "What Do I Call You" What Do I Call You
NCT 127 "Gimmie Gimmie" Loveholic Composing
SHINee "Don't Call Me" Don't Call Me Writing, composing, arranging
"Heart Attack" Writing
"Code" Writing, composing
Wendy "Like Water" Like Water Writing
NCT DREAM "Diggity" Hot Sauce Writing, composing
EXO "Don't Fight The Feeling" Don't Fight The Feeling Writing
NCT DREAM "Hello Future" Hello Future Writing, composing
Kyuhyun "Together" "Together" Writing, composing, arranging
Red Velvet "Pushin' N Pullin'" Queendom Writing, composing
Kriz "Ready for Your Love" "High Class OST Part.2" Writing, composing, arranging
Key "Bad Love" Bad Love
Onew, Elaine "Blue" "High Class OST Part.3"
aespa "I'll Make You Cry" Savage Writing, composing
NCT 127 "Favorite (Vampire)" Favorite Writing, composing, arranging
NCT U "Universe (Let's Play Ball)" Universe
"OK!" Writing, composing
Kyuhyun, Onew, Taeil "Ordinary Day" 2021 Winter SMTOWN : SMCU Express Writing, composing, arranging
Kyuhyun "Love Story" Love Story Writing, composing, arranging
Taeyeon "Set Myself On Fire" INVU Writing
Apink "Holy Moly" Horn Writing, composing, arranging
SUPER JUNIOR "Callin'" "The Road : Winter for Spring"
NCT Dream "Sorry, Heart" Beatbox
Nayeon "Pop!" Im Nayeon Composing
Girls' Generation "Forever 1" Forever 1 Writing, composing