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Karina (카리나) is a South Korean singer and rapper under SM Entertainment. She is the leader of the girl group aespa and a member of the female unit GOT the beat.


2019: Pre-debut

On February 2019, Karina appeared in Taemin's "Want" music video and also acted as backup dancer for the song's promotional stages.[2]

2020: Debut with aespa

On October 28, 2020, Karina was revealed as the second member of aespa.[3][4] The group debuted on November 17 with the digital single "Black Mamba".

Before her debut with aespa, on November 1, she performed alongside Kai for the virtual showcase held by Hyundai Motors.[5]

2021: GOT the beat

On December 27, 2021 it was revealed that she alongside her groupmate Winter would be part of the new unit "GOT the beat" from the project Girls On Top alongside BoA, Taeyeon & Hyoyeon from Girls' Generation and Wendy & Seulgi from Red Velvet making their debut with the digital single "Step Back" on January 3, 2022.[6][7][8][9]

Personal life


Karina attended Hansol High School before she took her GED to graduate.[10]


Variety shows

  • Travel Diary - Soul ; Seoul (History Channel, 2021)

Music video appearances


  • She was a trainee for four years.[2]
  • Karina is a fan of IU and f(x).[2]
  • She mentioned Girls' Generation as her role model.[11]
  • She was an ulzzang before becoming a trainee.[2]
  • She is a black belt in Taekwondo.[12]
  • In the group, her representative symbol is a heart. Her representative animal is a whale.[13]
  • Her favorite color is blue.[14]
  • Her favorite season is spring.[14]
  • When Karina first met Ningning, she thought she was older and so she used formal language for 3 weeks.[14]
  • Karina has a phobia (fear) of heights.[15]
  • Karina's possible MBTI personality types are ESFJ and ISFJ.[16]
  • She is very fond of dinosaurs (she always talks about them during the backstage of the group's MVs shootings and during an interview she mentioned that she wanted to travel back in time just to meet them).[17]
  • Her favorite food is cold noodles with pork cutlets.[18]
  • She has an older sister.[19]
    • According to Karina, her older sister works as a nurse in a large hospital.[20]


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