Kang Xiwon (강시원) is a soloist under TNK Entertainment and JTM Entertainment. She made her debut on April 4, 2019 with the single "Click Click".


2016–2018: Pre-debut

In 2016, Kang Xiwon joined the reality survival show Produce 101 as an individual trainee. During the audition rounds, she was placed in F class, but after the re-evaluation round, she was bumped up to C class. She finished in the 36th place.[1]

After the show, rumors started emerging that she had signed on with DreamT Entertainment. Initially, she posted on her Instagram that there wasn't a contract yet.[2] But pictures of her with other Dream T trainees were later uploaded by the trainees.[3]

In 2017, Kang Xiwon became a part of UNI[1], a four-member girl group that was formerly under We Can Do It! Entertainment and was later supposed to make their debut under TNK Entertainment, but ultimately disbanded before debuting.[4]

In December, 2018, Kang Xiwon's solo debut was announced for 2019.[5]

2019: Solo debut

In April 2019, she finally made her debut as a soloist under TNK Entertainment.


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  • She aims to be one of the new dancing queens in the industry.[6]



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