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KATSEYE (캣츠아이) is an upcoming six-member girl group. Formed through the HYBE and Geffen Records reality show The Debut: Dream Academy. They will make their debut on August 16, 2024 with their first EP SIS (Soft Is Strong).


Pre-debut: The Debut: Dream Academy[]

HYBE and Geffen Records established a joint venture in 2021. On August 25, 2023, HYBE teased The Debut: Dream Academy, an audition show that takes place in the United States and attracted 120,000 applicants around the world over the past two years. The show aims to globalized the K-pop production system.[2] On August 26, additional teaser photos and video were released announcing that a global girl group will be created through the show. They pared down the 120,000 applicants to 20 contestants.[3]

The Debut: Dream Academy premiered on September 1, 2023, while the live finale was broadcasted on November 17, with the girls who ranked in the top six to debut in the show's product group KATSEYE. During the finale, six different contestants were revealed to make their debut. Sophia ranked first overall, Lara ranked second, Daniela ranked third, Yoonchae ranked fourth, Megan ranked fifth, and Manon ranked sixth.[4]

2024: Pop Star Academy: KATSEYE, "Debut", debut with SIS (Soft Is Strong)[]

On June 13, 2024, it was announced that the group will debut their debut EP in August. The EP will be supported by two singles: the first slated to release on June 28 titled "Debut" and the second single in July.[5]

The formation of the group and their preparations for their debut EP were serialized in the Netflix documentary Pop Star Academy: KATSEYE, which is slated to air in summer 2024.

On June 22, it was announced that KATSEYE will be performing as part of the preshow special lineup at KCON LA 2024 on July 28.[6]

On June 28, the title for the group's first EP was revealed to be SIS (Soft Is Strong), schedule for release on August 16.[7]


Rank Name Nationality Position(s) Year(s) active
6 Manon Swiss TBA 2023–present
1 Sophia Filipino Leader[8] 2023–present
3 Daniela American TBA 2023–present
2 Lara American TBA 2023–present
5 Megan American TBA 2023–present
4 Yoonchae Korean Youngest 2023–present



Digital singles[]



  • Pop Star Academy: KATSEYE


Concert participation[]

  • KCON LA 2024 (2024) - preshow





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