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Jonghyun (종현) was a South Korean singer and songwriter under SM Entertainment. He was a member of the boy group SHINee. He made his solo debut on January 12, 2015 with his first mini-album Base while his final album Poet | Artist was released posthumously on January 23, 2018.


2015: Solo debut with Base

On January 1, a mysterious video teaser of a triangle that expands into a square was released on the SMTOWN website.[1] It was then confirmed that Jonghyun will make his solo debut with the mini album Base on January 12 with teaser photos and a teaser video being released on January 2.[2] On January 3, it was announced that SMTOWN would be revealing a line up of artists that participated in the album, with Younha being revealed on the same day.[3] The next day, it was revealed that the singer-songwriter Wheesung participated in the lyric making of the album.[4] The title track of the mini album was announced to be "Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)", which features the rapper Iron, on January 5 through a teaser video.[5] The song was described to be a medium tempo retro pop song influenced by neo soul and funk genres.[5] On January 6, it was announced that Jonghyun would be pre-releasing the song "Déjà-Boo", featuring Zion.T, on January 7.[6] The track list for the mini album was revealed the next day and featured a total of 7 songs, including the bonus track, along with the symbols "+???" indicating an additional song.[7] On the same day, the song "Déjà-Boo" was pre-released and took charge of the top spot on real time charts.[8] A highlight medley for the mini album was released on January 8 with the music video for "Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)" dropping the next day.[9][10] A performance video for "Déjà-Boo" was released on January 10, two days after his showcase stage. [11] The mini album was officially released on January 12 and swept number one on different music charts.[12] On January 14, a dance practice video for the song "Hallelujah" was released.[13]


Studio albums

Special albums

Mini albums

Digital singles

Collaboration singles


  • "City Hunter OST Part.2" ("So Goodbye") (2011)
  • "The King's Dream OST Part.3" ("1 Out of 100") (2013)
  • "Mimi OST" ("Breath" with Taeyeon of Girls' Generation) (2014)
  • "Birth of a Beauty OST Part.1" ("She") (2014)
  • "Who Are You: School 2015 OST Part 6" ("Named" with Taemin) (2015)
  • "Oh My Venus OST Part.1" ("Only The Words I Love You") (2015)

Other releases

  • "Two Yoo Project - Sugar Man Part.5" ("Only the Words I Love You") (2015)


  • INSPIRED (2017)


  • His song "Moon" from his first studio album She is will be sent to the moon in 2020 through the Project Mora, a "moon museum" by storing the information inside a capsule.[14]


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