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For other people known as 'Seorin' or 'Miho', see Seorin and Miho.

Jo A Seo (조아서), formerly known as Seorin (서린) and Miho (미호), is a South Korean singer-songwriter. She is a former member of the girl groups Bay.B and Gavy NJ.


2014-2016: Bay.B[]

On May 15, 2014, she debuted as leader Miho of the girl group Bay.B with the full-length album May. The group disbanded sometime in 2016, due to inactivity.

2016-2022: Gavy NJ[]

In 2016, now under the stage name Seorin, she was added to the vocal girl group Gavy NJ under Good Fellas Entertainment. Her first release with the group was the digital single "Shubirubirub".

Following the merger of Good Fellas Entertainment and DSP Media on December 1, 2022, it was announced that the exclusive contracts of the company with members Jenny, Gunji and Seorin had ended earlier the same year, and DSP Media will be holding auditions to form a new Gavy NJ lineup.[1] On December 29, Jenny further confirmed that all three members would be leaving the group as the contracts had ended in March 2022.[2]

2024-present: Solo debut[]

On March 22, 2024, she rebranded under the stage name Jo A Seo to release her debut trot digital single "You Are Mine".[3][4]


Digital singles[]

  • "You Are Mine" (2024)


  • EachONE - "From Now" (2023)

Writing credits[]

  • All credits taken from KOMCA, unless otherwise stated.[5]
Artist Song Album Type
Yeon Ji-Hu "남자는 몰라요" 언니가 간다 Writing
Gavy NJ "An Obvious Melo" An Obvious Melo Writing
Gavy NJ "Like You" People Said Break It Up Writing, Composing
Gavy NJ "SeogChon Lake" See You Again Writing, Composing