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Jinyoung (진영; formerly known as Junior & Jr.) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor under BH Entertainment. He is a member of the boy group GOT7 and one half of the duo JJ Project.



In 2009, Jinyoung participated in JYP Entertainment's fifth open audition[1] and worked together with JB, eventually winning first place with him against 10,000 other participants.[2]

He made his debut as an actor in 2012 with the KBS drama Dream High 2.[3]

2012-2014: JJ Project, GOT7

On May 20, he debuted with JB as one half of the duo JJ Project with the digital single "Bounce". At the time, he used the stage name Jr. (which would later be spelled Junior) due to sharing his name with his company's founder.[4]

Both members of the duo debuted once again on January 16, 2014 as part of the 7-member boy group GOT7 with the mini album Got It?.

2016: Stage name change

He changed his stage name, reverting to using his real name, Jinyoung, in August 2016.[5]

2018: King of Mask Singer

In December 2018, he appeared in the singing competition show King of Mask Singer as the masked singer 'Hollywood Rabbit'. During his first round, he sang "I Don't Love You" by Urban Zakapa in a duet against his competitor, and won with a 45 votes difference. He lost in the second round, during which he sang Kim Hyun Chul's "Love", which he chose because it's a song his mother loved.[6]

2019: He Is Psychometric, 'Hey, Guys' photobook

Jinyoung obtained his first drama lead role at the beginning of 2019 when he starred in tvN's He Is Psychometric, alongside actress Shin Ye Eun.[7]

With pre-orders launching on August 26, Jinyoung released his first solo photobook titled 'Hey, Guys', featuring content shot in Jeju Island. The photobook also came with a 36-minutes making film of behind-the-scenes content.[8]

2020: When My Love Blooms, 'Hear, Here' photobook

He was cast as a lead actor on tvN drama When My Love Blooms. The drama alternates between the older and younger self of its two main characters; Jinyoung played the younger counterpart of the male lead.[9] The first episode premiered in April[10] and the last episode was broadcasted on June 14.[9]

At the beginning of June, the first teasers for 'Hear, Here' were released. The project was soon after revealed to be a second solo photobook, with photos taken in Taipei, and it came with a making film as well. It was closely followed by an online fan meeting titled "Park Jinyoung 2020 Fan Meeting: Hear, Here" that took place on July 19.[10]

In August, it was announced that Jinyoung will play a lead role in 2021 tvN drama The Devil Judge.[11]

2021: Departure from JYP Entertainment, new agency, The Devil Judge, "Dive"

On January 10, it was reported by Dispatch that all GOT7 members would be leaving JYP Entertainment after 7 years of contract, with the 35th Golden Disc Awards being their last activity as a group.[12] On January 11, JYP Entertainment officially announced that the members will be leaving the agency as their contract expires on January 19.[13]

BH Entertainment announced on January 28 that Jinyoung had signed an exclusive contract with the company and would receive support for both his singing and acting career.[14]

The tvN drama The Devil Judge, that is set in a dystopian version of Korea and in which Jinyoung plays one of the two main characters, began airing on July 3.[15]

On July 29, Jinyoung released his first solo single, "Dive", which he also self-composed.[16]


Digital singles


Producing and writing credits

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[17]
Artist Song Album Type
GOT7 "The Star" Mad Winter Edition Writing
GOT7 "Can't" Flight Log: Departure Writing
"Mayday" Flight Log: Turbulence
GOT7 "Paradise" Flight Log: Arrival Writing
JJ Project "Coming Home" Verse 2
"Tomorrow, Today" Writing
"On & On" Writing
"Don't Wanna Know" Writing
"The Day"
GOT7 "Firework" 7 for 7 Writing
GOT7 "Thank You" Eyes On You Writing
"2 (Two)" The New Era
"I Am Me" Present : You
"My Youth"
"Higher" Present : You & Me Edition
GOT7 "Zero" I Won't Let You Go Writing
"The End" Spinning Top : Between Security & Insecurity
"Run Away" Call My Name Writing
GOT7 "Love You Better" Dye Writing
"Wave" Breath of Love : Last Piece Writing
GOT7 "Encore" "Encore" Writing
Jinyoung "Dive" "Dive" Writing
GOT7 "Don't Care About Me" GOT7 Writing



  • A Stray Goat (2017)
  • Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (2022)


Music shows


  • Hey Guys (2019)
  • Hear, Here (2020)



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