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Jin (진) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer and actor under BigHit Music. He is a member of the boy group BTS.



He was street casted by SM before he accepted offer from BigHit casting director who found him when he get off the bus to Konkuk University.[1] He got into music after became an trainee under BigHit. Although his main interest was acting as he studied film (Majoring in acting) and BigHit recruited him as an actor trainee, he became idol trainee after BigHit had plan to debut a new hip-hop idol group and no other plan for actor under the label.

2013–present: BTS

He made his debut as a member of BTS on June 13, 2013 with the group's first single album "2 Cool 4 Skool".



Other releases

  • "Awake" (Christmas Ver.) (2016)
  • "Tonight" (2019)
  • "Abyss" (2020)

Producing and writing credits

Artist Song Album Type
BTS "Outro: Circle Room Cypher" 2 Cool 4 Skool Writing
BTS "Boyz With Fun" The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt. 1 Writing
"Outro: Love Is Not Over"
BTS "Love Is Not Over (Full length edition)" The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever Writing
"Awake" Wings
Jin (Him) "Awake (Christmas Ver.)" N/A
BTS "Spring Day" You Never Walk Alone Writing
Jin (Him) "Tonight" N/A Writing
BTS "Moon" Map of the Soul : 7 Writing



Variety shows

  • Law of the Jungle (SBS, 2017) [2]

Music video appearances


  • He is the oldest member of the band BTS.
  • His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.[3]
  • He has an older brother.[4]
  • His favorite color is blue.[5] Pink used to be his favorite color.[6]
  • His favorite video game is MapleStory. In November 6, 2019 when he saw a photo which is a fan shared a photo of a banner that congratulates a medical school student for being the first Seoul University student to win over the boss monster, Black Mage, in reply, he expressed his love for that monster's story.[7] But in March 18, 2020, he announced that he would no longer play that game, because his game item got destroyed.[8]
  • His role model is T.O.P from BIGBANG.[9]
  • His favorite foods are lobster, meat, and Naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles).[10]
  • He confided that during "We Are Bulletproof Pt.2", there is a part where they jump but while doing it, his pants went down to his thighs. He quickly reassembled it, but it fell a second time.[11]
  • He is very close to Kidoh of the group ToppDogg, which was originally intended to start with the BTS.[12]
  • He can imitate the girl in "The Exorcist" movie when she goes back down the stairs with her back turned.[13]
  • His MBTI personality type is INTP.[14]


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