Ji Won (Korean: 지원; Japanese: ジウォン) is a South Korean singer under FNC Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group Cherry Bullet.


2017: Girl group

On on August 22, 2017, Ji Won was revealed[1] as a member of the then-upcoming FNC Entertainment's eleven-member girl group, however the group debut was put on hold.

2018–2019: Cherry Bullet

Later on November 20, 2018, FNC Entertainment revealed a teaser for their newest ten-member girl group, Cherry Bullet.[2] Ji Won was among the first three revealed members on October 22, 2018.[3] She officially debut with the girl group on January 21, 2019 with their debut single album "Let's Play Cherry Bullet".[4]


Reality shows

  • K-pop Star 1 (SBS, 2011–2012)

Music video appearances


  • During the debut of Cherry Bullet, her character specialty was a machine gun and she was in Level 1,[5] however, these informations have not been updated since.
  • She is good friends with Nancy of MOMOLAND.[6]



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