Jeongyeon (정연) is a South Korean singer under JYP Entertainment. She is a lead vocalist of the girl group TWICE.


Music video appearances

  • GOT7 - "Girls Girls Girls" (2014)
  • miss A - "Only You" (2015)
  • Park Jin Young - "Fire" (feat. Conan O'Brien, Steven Yeun, & Jimin Park) (2016)


  • She was originally set to debut in the girl group 6mix.
  • She ranked 5th in the final episode of SIXTEEN.
  • She officially changed her name from "Yoo Jung-yeon" in third grade because she was teased for her birth name "Yoo Kyung-wan", which was considered too boyish.
  • On her first try, she failed the JYP audition. She became a trainee after passing the JYP Entertainment’s 6th Open Audition on March 1, 2010.
  • The leader of Twice was decided by anonymous voting. Jeongyeon was in 2nd place.
  • Her sister is actress Gong Seongyeon and they hosted Inkigayo together, and their father is a chef.
  • She is ambidextrous, but her left hand is dominant. She can throw and write with her right hand, while eating food with her left.
  • She has 2 dogs: a white Pomeranian named Bbosongie and a poodle named Nanan.




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