Janus is the first full-length album by BOYFRIEND. It was released on November 8, 2012 with "Janus" serving as the album's title track. A repackage titled I Yah was released on January 10, 2013 with the "I Yah" as the follow-up track.

Track list

  1. "Janus (야누스)"
  2. "Good Night (내 꿈꿔)"
  3. "Excuse Me"
  4. "Trippin' (이랬다 저랬다)" (Hyunseong Solo)
  5. "Mystery (미스터리)"
  6. "Go Back"
  7. "Stop It"
  8. "Listen" (Donghyun Solo)
  9. "My Dear (잘 지내니)" (Jeongmin Solo)"
  10. "Soulmate (열쇠)"
I Yah
  1. "I Yah (아이야)"
  2. "Janus (야누스)"
  3. "Standing With U (그 곳에)"
  4. "Good Night (내 꿈꿔)"
  5. "Excuse Me"
  6. "Trippin' (이랬다 저랬다)" (Hyunseong Solo)
  7. "Mystery (미스터리)"
  8. "Go Back"
  9. "Stop It"
  10. "Listen" (Donghyun Solo)
  11. "My Dear (잘 지내니)" (Jeongmin Solo)"
  12. "Soulmate (열쇠)"

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