"Jackpot" is the second single album by Block B. It was originally to be released online in Korea on April 17, 2014 but was delayed to July 18 due to the Sewol ferry disaster. The physical release was limited to the initial batch produced.

It was released as their third Japanese single on February 24, 2016.

Track list

  1. "Jackpot"
Physical edition
  1. "Jackpot"
  2. "Very Good (Rough ver.)"
  3. "Jackpot (Inst.)"
Japanese ver.
  1. "Jackpot (Japanese ver.)"
  2. "Jackpot (Karaoke ver.)"
Japanese ver. (Limited)
  1. "Jackpot (Japanese ver.)"
  2. "Be The Light (Japanese ver.)"

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