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JYPE LOUD (JYPE 라우드) is the temporary name given to JYP Entertainment's five-member pre-debut boy group. Formed through the survival show LOUD, they are set to make their debut sometime in 2021-2022.


2021–present: LOUD

On November 2, 2020, SBS announced that they would be launching a new boy group audition show in collaboration with JYP Entertainment's J.Y. Park and P Nation's PSY to create two global boy groups. Applications were open from November 2, 2020 to January 31, 2021 for males born in or after the year 2000.[1][2]

The show, LOUD, began airing on June 5, and ended on September 11, 2021, with Yoon Min, Lee Gye Hun, Amaru, Keiju and Lee Dong Hyeon being selected as members of the future boy group of JYP Entertainment.[3]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Yoon Min (윤민) N/A 2021–present
Lee Gye Hun (이계훈) N/A 2021–present
Amaru (아마루) N/A 2021–present
Keiju (케이주) N/A 2021–present
Lee Dong Hyeon (이동현) Maknae 2021–present





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