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JJ (Korean: 제이제이; Japanese: ジェージェー) is a Japanese-American trainee under BigHit Music. He is a member of the upcoming boy group Trainee A and a former member of the Japanese boy group AMEZARI -RED STARS-.


2015-2020: AMEZARI -RED STARS-

On August 25, 2015, he joined the dance team AMEZARI -RED STARS-

On February 3, 2020 he debuted as part of the group AMEZARI -RED STARS- with the single "Impulse to the higher".[1] He left the group sometime during the end of the same year.

2021-present: Trainee A

On August 22, 2021, the "About" section from the group's YouTube's channel was updated, revealing JJ as a hidden member.


  • His MBTI personality type is ESFP.[2]
  • He is Half Japanese and Half American.[3]
  • He can play a guitar.[3]
  • He’s a model, dancer and so good in freestyles.[3]
  • He loves dancing, especially break-dancing.[3]
  • He has participated in many dance competitions around the world with his dance team.[3]