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Jaebeom (재범), better known as JAY B, is a South Korean singer-songwriter under H1GHR Music. He is the leader of the boy group GOT7 and one half of the duos JJ Project and Jus2.



Before JAY B made his debut as a singer, he starred in the KBS drama Dream High as a backup dancer. He then landed the role of the main character in Dream High 2 alongside one of his group members, Jinyoung. Even after he made his debut as a singer, he starred in MBC's When a Man Falls in Love and in Naver TVCast's Dream Knight.[1]

2012–2014: JJ Project, GOT7

He won first place at a JYP open audition[1] and was then given the stage name JB due to him sharing the same name as the famous singer, Yim Jae-Beom, who was his senior. With his group member Jinyoung, he made up the duo known as JJ Project, which debuted on May 20, 2012 with "Bounce". On December 24, 2013, he and Jinyoung were made a part of the 7-member group GOT7. He became the group's leader and main vocalist, debuting with them on January 16, 2014 with the mini album Got It?.

2016: 1/? Vol. 1

JB created a SoundCloud account in 2016 and released his first mixtape, titled 1/? Vol. 1.[2]

2018: 1/? Vol. 2, 1/? Vol. 3

He released two mixtapes in 2018: 1/? Vol. 2 on January 22, and 1/? Vol. 3 on November 10.

2019: Jus2, 1/? Vol. 4, 1/? Vol. 5, apparel collection

On March 5, he debuted as one half of the duo Jus2, along with fellow GOT7 member Yugyeom, with the mini album Focus.

He attended the YSL Menswear Fashion Show SS20 in California on June 6.[3]

He released his fourth mixtape, 1/? Vol. 4, on August 4, and his fifth, 1/? Vol. 5, on October 28.

On December 13, he launched his own apparel collection through Represent. The items, with summer-inspired designs, were on sales for two weeks.[4]

2020: "Alone." art exhibition

In September, JB, under the name Def., announced his first-ever exhibition. Titled "Alone.", it took place at the Seoul cafe Erolpa from October 6 to October 12.[5]

2021: Departure from JYP Entertainment, new agency, "Switch It Up", SOMO:Fume

On January 10, it was reported by Dispatch that all GOT7 members would be leaving JYP Entertainment after 7 years of contract, with the 35th Golden Disc Awards being their last activity as a group.[6] On January 11, JYP Entertainment officially announced that the members will be leaving the agency as their contract expires on January 19.[7] On January 16, he opened a new Twitter account under his new stage name JAY B.[8]

On May 6, H1GHR Music started teasing their new artist, announcing that the artist's identity would be revealed on May 11.[9] On that date, an announcement trailer revealed that artist to be JAY B. Through the video, it was also announced that he would release a single three days later, on May 14.[10] A teaser was released a day later, on May 12, revealing the single's name to be "Switch It Up".[11]

On August 22, he participated in King of Mask Singer as the singer 'Toad House'. He sang "Fall" by Crush in a duet with his competitor, and then Gummy's "We Should Have Been Friends" after he lost in the first round with a one-vote difference.[12]

H1GHR Music announced on July 22 that JAY B will release his first mini album, containing his previously released single "Switch It Up" as well as six other new tracks, on August 26.[13] On August 16, H1GHR Music announced his first EP album, SOMO:Fume.[14]

2022: Love.

On December 31, 2021, JAY B announced that he would be releasing a new EP, Love., under his alternate name Def.. Pre-orders for the abum began on January 5, 2022.[15] It was released on January 26.

Personal life


He attended Sewon High School and Konkuk University, where he was a film major.



Digital singles



  • "Is It A Dream?" (with Fudasca as Def.) (2021)
  • "Nostalgia" (with JUNNY) (2021)



Producing and writing credits

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[16]
Artist Song Album Type
GOT7 "Bad Behaviour" GOT♡ Writing
GOT7 "Mine" Just Right Writing
"Everyday" Mad Winter Edition Writing
GOT7 "Fish" Flight Log: Departure Writing
"Something Good" Writing
"Home Run" "Home Run" Writing
"Skyway" Flight Log: Turbulence
"Prove It"
"Hanasanakereba" Hey Yah
GOT7 "Shopping Mall" Flight Log: Arrival Writing
"Go Higher" Writing
"Meet Me" "My Swagger" Composing
JJ Project "Tomorrow, Today" Verse 2 Writing
"On & On" Writing
"Don't Wanna Know" Writing
"Find You" Writing
"Fade Away"
GOT7 "Teenager" 7 for 7
"You Are"
"Turn Up" Turn Up
GOT7 "One And Only You" Eyes On You Writing
"Look" Writing
JB "Rainy" The Hyena on the Keyboard OST Part. 4
GOT7 "Shining on You" The New Era
Deepshower "Higher" Colors Writing
GOT7 "Enough" Present : You Writing
"Save You"
"Come On" Present : You & Me Edition
"1:31 AM"
GOT7 "Reborn" I Won't Let You Go Writing
Jus2 "Focus On Me" Focus
"Drunk On You"
GOT7 "Eclipse" Spinning Top : Between Security & Insecurity
Mirror Boy "Surfin'" Scene #1
Roseinpeace "Laze"
Royal Dive "Play"
GOT7 "You Calling My Name" Call My Name Writing
"Pray" Writing
Offshore "Simple" Scene #2 Writing
"Take a walk"
GOT7 "Crazy" Dye
Offshore "Sweet Dream" Cut #1
"Just Stay"
jeebanoff "Callin'" Good Thing. (Remix)
GOT7 "Last Piece" Breath of Love : Last Piece
Wavycake & Ovus "Dream" Realusion
JAY B "Switch It Up" "Switch It Up" Writing
"B.T.W" SOMO:Fume
"In To You"
"Count On Me"
"I'm Surfin'" Feel The Rhythm Of Korea Part 1
Def. "Again" Love. Writing
"Why? (왜그래?)"
"I Just Wanna Know"
"Like A Fool (바보같이)"
"Want You"
"Sunset With You"
BIGONE "Windy Day" Writing
GOT7 "Truth" GOT7
"Don't Leave Me Alone"



  • Dream High 2 (KBS2, 2012)
  • When a Man Falls in Love (MBC, 2013)
  • Dream Knight (Youku Tudou, 2015)

Variety shows

Survival shows

Radio shows

  • Serizabeth[17] (Naver NOW., 2021) - guest (Ep. 20)


  • He can speak some Japanese.
  • He has five cats, named Nora, Odd, Kunta, Baireu and Cake.[18]
  • He was involved in a minor car accident in 2014.[19]
  • He had a spinal disc injury that made him unable to participate in some of GOT7's Fly Tour concerts and an M!Countdown performance.[20]
  • His MBTI personality type is INFJ.[21]
  • His favourite fashion style is grunge or vintage. He has no fashion role model in particular, but likes to search items that old celebrities would wear.[22]
  • He likes fishing.[22]


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