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izna (이즈나) is an upcoming seven-member girl group under WAKEONE. Formed through Mnet's reality survival show I-LAND 2, their debut date is currently unknown.


Pre-debut: I-LAND 2[]

On September 27, 2021, the first teaser video was revealed for I-LAND 2, and they began recruiting female contestants.[1]

On July 9, 2023, Mnet officially confirmed they plan to air I-LAND 2 in the first half of 2024 with the final lineup debuting under WAKEONE.[2] On July 24, Mnet announced that they will collab with producer Teddy and his label The Black Label.[3]

I-LAND 2 premiered on April 18, 2024 while the live finale was broadcast on July 4, 2024, revealing the final six members to debut in the group, izna with Choi Jungeun ranking first, followed by Bang Jeemin ranking second, Yoon Jiyoon ranking third, Koko ranking fourth, Ryu Sarang ranking fifth and Mai ranking sixth. Additionally the producers chose to add an additional member, Jeong Saebi, who ranked seventh.[4]


Rank Name Position(s) Year(s) active
6 Mai (마이) TBA 2024–present
2 Bang Jeemin (방지민) TBA 2024–present
3 Yoon Jiyoon (윤지윤) TBA 2024–present
4 Koko (코코) TBA 2024–present
5 Ryu Sarang (유사랑) TBA 2024–present
1 Choi Jungeun (최정은) TBA 2024–present
7 Jeong Saebi (정세비) Maknae 2024–present


Concert participation[]

  • KCON LA 2024 (2024) (cancelled)[5][6]


  • Bang Jeemin is a former R U Next? contestant.
  • Choi Jungeun is a former CAP-TEEN contestant.




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