ISE (아이에스이; an acronym for Innocent Sexy Eyes) is a pre-debut eight-member girl group under A team Entertainment. They will debut sometime in 2021.


2019–present: Pre-debut

The group was officially announced through an Instagram post made by A team Entertainment's CEO Ryan Juhn on March 7, 2019.[1] That same day, the members performed as part of the 2019 Miss Malaysia pageant.

On May 2020, it was announced by the CEO that their debut was postponed from March 2020 to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Name Position(s) Years active
Eunchae (은채) N/A 2019–present
YuNa (유우나) N/A 2019–present
Rainie (레이니) N/A 2019–present
Chaeeun (채은) N/A 2019–present
Choyeon (초연) N/A 2019–present
Hyunbin (현빈) N/A 2019–present
Sumin (수민) N/A 2021–present
Yunju (윤주) Maknae 2019–present


  • Eunchae and Choyeon were contestants on Produce 48.


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