I-LAND is a 2020 reality survival show created by Belift Lab, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment.[1] It premiered on June 26, 2020 and broadcasted every Friday at 11 p.m. KST on Mnet.[2]

On the first episode, 7 people were "eliminated" and sent to "Ground". However, during the second episode, 4 more people were sent to "Ground" out of the 16, leaving 12 people in "I-LAND".

During the third episode, 6 people from the I-LAND team was sent to "Ground" while 6 of the people from "Ground" were sent to "I-LAND".

During the fourth episode, 4 people from I-LAND were sent to "Ground" while 4 from "Ground" were sent to "I-LAND".

The final 12 who were moving onto Part 2 was revealed during the seventh episode, with the first 6 being revealed during the sixth episode.



  • Namkoong Min



  • Pdogg
  • Son Sung-deuk
  • Wonderkid


Name Hangul Part 1 Results Part 2 Results Final Ranks
Daniel 다니엘 2 8 Eliminated
Jake 제이크 8 7 3
K 케이 5 1 Eliminated
Sunoo 선우 1 3 7
Sunghoon 성훈 4 5 6
Heeseung 희승 3 4 5
EJ 이제이 Eliminated Eliminated N/A
Jungwon 정원 7 8 1
Geonu 건우 11 Eliminated N/A
Jay 제이 6 6 2
Kyungmin 경민 Eliminated Eliminated N/A
Hanbin 한빈 12 Eliminated N/A
Taeyong 태용 Eliminated Eliminated N/A
Nicholas 니콜라스 Eliminated Eliminated N/A
Jaebeom 재범 Eliminated Eliminated N/A
Jimin 지민 Eliminated Eliminated N/A
TA-KI 타키 10 Eliminated N/A
Sungchul 성철 Eliminated Eliminated N/A
NI-KI 니키 9 2 4
Youngbin 영빈 Eliminated Eliminated N/A
Seon 세온 Eliminated Eliminated N/A
Jaeho 재호 Eliminated Eliminated N/A
Yoonwon 윤원 Withdrew from the show Withdrew from the show N/A



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