Hwang Sun Young (황선영; also spelled as Hwang Seon Yeong) is a South Korean project consultant of Nexon Korea and former singer, singer-songwriter, musician, composer and songwriter, security programmer, client programmer, game programmer, game director of Mabinogi, game director of MapleStory, creative director of NexonGT, creative director of Thingsoft.[7] He was a member of a modern rock band Baby Blue.



Since he was in the 1st grade at Hansung Science High School, he played a school band, so he knows how to handle musical instruments, and is good at writing the lyrics, composing, and arranging.[8]

He attended Seoul National University of Urban Engineering from 1995 to 2003.[7]

In 1996, when he was attending Seoul National University, he handled vocal and played bass guitar as one of the first members of the FUZE, the Fusion Jazz & Funky Band of the music club of the university. The FUZE also participated in the preliminary of campus music festival in the name of J&B.[9]


The response from the performance was so good, so he had a chance to sign a contract with a record agency because the father of the student who had been tutored by Sun Young's friend, worked on that agency. Also, because the FUZE members are committed to their studies, only himself debuted as a soloist[8] in April 1997,[6] and later released an album, Hidden Story based on their compositions and his own compositions at that university music club.[9] Thanks to him, he also enjoyed the glory of the songs being recorded to the best musicians in the studio.[10]

On August 2, 1997, he appeared in MBC Top Music (인기가요 BEST 50) and sang "Crow's Eye View (Five Senses)".[11]

Baby Blue

In September 1998, along with Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hye Min, he belonged to the modern rock band Baby Blue, where he handled vocal and played piano.[12] Kim Young Suk (ko, known as Z-RAM, Kim Yeong-seok in N.EX.T), is their producer.[13]

On September 18, 1998, they appeared in the Love on the Air.[14]

He appeared in the past video with Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hye Min when Sang Soon mentioned the Baby Blue in the chapter 41 of the Hangout with Yoo (How Do You Play?) on May 9, 2020.[15][16] This video came out again on January 8, 2021, in the 42nd episode of 20th Century Hit Song.[17][18]

Personal life

After Baby Blue disbanded, he graduated from the university, and he became a security programmer at BTWorks, an Internet security company, until September 2003 to December 2004. He made PKI security system, ActiveX PKI client for internet banking system (C++, WIN32, MFC/ATL), and PKI basic library (C/C++).[7]

He was a client programmer for BankTown from January 2005 to March 2007. He made "SiteChecker" client and background agent, solution for diagnosis and monitoring system for internet banking system (C#.NET).[7]

He was a game programmer for Nexon from April 2007 to December 2008. He made game programmed for Thailand's MapleStory (THMS), Casual 2D F2P MMORPG.[7]

He was a game director of Thai and Vietnamese MapleStory (VMS) from January 2009 to March 2010, and he made exclusive contents for Thai server.[7]

He was a game director of Japan MapleStory (JMS) from March 2010 to October 2011, and he made exclusive contents for Japan server.[7]

He was a producer and director of F2P MMORPG Mabinogi from December 2011 to February 2014.[7] He introduced to the users on March 20, 2012. His nickname of Mabinogi director was Morganwg.[2] He produced and directed Chapter 5 (G16S2, Generation 17: Shamala and Nightmare, The Saga: Iria, The Saga: Iria II), Dynamic Combat System, Talent, Puppetry talent, Hero talents (Merlin, Starlet, Professor J, Culinary Artist, Treasure Hunter), Dual gun talent in Korean server. He once came out of the game as a NPC.[19]

He was a director of Korea MapleStory (KMS) from March 2014 to September 2015.[7] He informally introduced to the users in MapleStory on April 29, 2014.[20] And he officially introduced to the users on June 18, 2014.[21] One of his nicknames is Yellow (Hwang) Meow because he came out as a yellow cat persona at the event Coordinator’s Invitation and Coordinator's Touch etc. If you log off, he appeared as a yellow cat to them and asked questions about improvements or ideas for the game.[22] He didn't appear on the NPC ingame, but on the homepage he appeared as a NPC sprite.[23] He directed revamped Mushroom Castle, FriendStory (Chapter 1 ~ 5), Coordinator's Touch: Star Force (Star Force Enhancement System, Star Planet, Blockbuster: Black Heaven, Lotus, etc.), Maple Ice & Burn (MIB) (Fight! Return of the Legends, etc.), Pink Bean, Giseungjeon12 (기승전12), FriendStory: Rock & Roll (Chapter 6), REBOOT (Reboot World, Toad’s Hammer, Kinesis, revamped Korean Folk Town, Moni, Ursus etc.), and he laid the foundation for Heroes of Maple (revamped Aran and Evan's skills, Blaster, Damien) in Korean server.

He was a creative director for NexonGT from October 2015 to February 2018, and he produced Shooting, FPS, Online PC Game.[7] He appeared to people at the 2017 Titanfall Online press conference.[24] However, the development of Titanfall Online has cancelled.[25]

He was a creative director for Thingsoft from March 2018 to January 2020.[7]

He is a project consultant for Nexon Korea from January 2020.[7]


He posted a post on February 14, 2005 saying he would soon get married on the FUZE bulletin board.[26]


Studio albums

Producing and writing credits

Year Artist Song Album Type
1997 Hwang Sun Young "Calling a Deer a Horse" Hidden Story Writing
"Turtle's Song (After the Hare's Liver...) (Geobugiui norae (byeoljubujeon geu ihu...))"
"A Song that Likes a Fox (Hohoga)"
"Yellow Umbrella" Composing
"One Cat"
"Winter, Paris (Dong, Paris)" Arranging
"Crow's Eye View"
1998 Baby Blue "Bye Bye Bye" Let's Kick it Festival Writing
"Naega Ganjikhan Yeoreum (내가 간직한 여름)"
"Sinui Jeoju (신의 저주)"
"Bung-eo Iyagi (붕어 이야기)" Writing
"Jong-i Nalgae (종이 날개)"
"Bolsuman Itdamyeon (볼수만 있다면)" Composing


  • Kim Young Suk once contacted Twitter with Lee Sang Soon, and Hwang Sun Young who was after he retired from the show business.[27]
  • "Bung-eo Iyagi (붕어 이야기)", a song he wrote and composed when he was in Baby Blue, was covered by Mis=Mr on May 5, 2000.[28]


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