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For other people known as 'Hoony' or 'Seunghoon', see Hooni and Seunghoon.

Hoony (후니; previously known as Seunghoon), is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter and choreographer. He is the lead rapper and main dancer of the boy group WINNER.

He made his solo debut on July 15, 2024 with his first EP My Type.

Early life[]

Hoony was born in Busan, South Korea. After graduating high school he moved to Seoul and auditioned for Korea's Got Talent as part of the dance group "Honest Boys".


2024: Solo debut[]

On June 19, 2024, YG Entertainment confirmed that Lee Seunghoon is in the final stages of production for his debut album scheduled for mid-July.[1] On July 2, YG announced Lee Seunghoon's first EP, My Type, which will be released on July 15.[2]

Personal life[]

Military service[]

Hoony enlisted in the military on April 16, 2020 as a public service worker. He was discharged on January 14, 2022.



Other releases[]

  • K-Pop Star Top 8 ("When I Can't Sing") (2012)
  • K-Pop Star Top 7 ("I Like To Move It") (2012)
  • K-Pop Star Top 6 ("Mother's Soybean Soup") (2012)
  • K-Pop Star Top 5 ("Champion") (2012)
  • K-Pop Star Top 4 ("The Show Must Go On") (2012)
  • K-Pop Star Special No.3 ("Ma Boy 2" with Baek A Yeon) (2012)


Reality shows[]

  • K-pop Star 1 (SBS 2011-12) - contestant
  • WIN: Who Is Next? (Mnet, 2013) - contestant

Musical theater[]

  • Dream High (2023) - Song Sam Dong[3]

Producing and writing credits[]

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[4]


Artist Song Album Credits
WINNER "Everyday" Everyd4y Lyrics
"La La"
"Movie Star"
"Special Night" Lyrics, Composing
"Have a Good Day" Lyrics
WINNER "Millions"
WINNER "Ah Yeah" We Lyrics
"Everyday (Remix)"
"First Love (2019)"
WINNER "Soso" Cross Lyrics
"Dress Up"
"Flamenco" (Hoony solo) Lyrics, Composing
"Don't Be Shy" Lyrics


Artist Song Album Credits
WINNER "Just Dance" Remember Lyrics
"Serenade" (Hoony solo) Lyrics, Composing
"Don't Flirt" (4 ver.) Lyrics
"Color Ring" (4 ver.)
"Different" (4 ver.)
WINNER "10 Min" Holiday Lyrics
"Sweet Home"
"Little Finger"



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