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Go high! Hello, we are Hi-L!
(Go high! 안녕하세요, Hi-L입니다!)


Hi-L (하이엘; an acronym for High Insight Libre[1]) was a five-member girl group under SW Entertainment. Originally as six, they debuted on August 11, 2021 with the mini album Go High.


2021: Debut with Go High[]

On May 27, 2021, Kpop Live Entertainment released a video titled "Hi-L-하이엘 - Teaser" on the channel of their three-member girl group, XUM. In the video description, they later clarified that Hi-L will be a brand new six-member girl group under the company instead of a rebranding of XUM. On June 1, SNS accounts for Hi-L were opened and revealed the six members, consisting of Lee Jin, Soo Jung, Da-Kyung, Joo A, Ha Yun, and Ye Seul.[2]

Their debut was initially scheduled and reported to take place in July 2021, however on July 30, Hi-L revealed that their debut had been postponed to August 11 with the release of their first mini album, Go High.[3]

On November 16, Hi-L released a dance practice video for "Beautiful Night", a song from their mini album Go High.[4] They then released an official music video for "Beautiful Night" on December 9.[5]

2022: "Summer Ride"[]

On July 4, 2022, it was speculated that they would have a comeback on July 14 after fans noticed a status update on the CEO's KakaoTalk. Previously, he also posted that their music video filming was being done.[6] The next day, on July 5, it was confirmed that they will have a comeback after eleven months.[7] On July 6, 2022, it was revealed that they will release their first single album "Summer Ride" on July 14, 2022.[8]

2023–2024: Soo Jung's departure, disbandment, New-L[]

On January 16, 2023, Soo Jung revealed on her Instagram live that she had left the group and will be focusing on modelling from now on.[9]

Sometime in 2023, the group became widely inactive across SNS accounts and on December 6, 2023, their official Instagram accont was removed indicating a possible disbandment.[10] Furthermore, the group was removed from SW Entertainment's website with the company planning to debut two new girl groups, 3piece and UDTT, and revealing no plans for Hi-L's future.

Sometime in March 2024, SW Entertainment changed Hi-L's display name on Twitter to New-L, and as of May 28, 2024 the group's other SNS accounts has been renamed to New-L. However, it was later found out that this group features an entirely different lineup.


  • On September 19, 2023, Lee Jin independently released her first solo song "먕! (W.baw)" under the pseudonym CHERRYCHERRY.
  • On March 23, 2024, Ye Seul was revealed as a member of the upcoming independent girl group LURA LUCY.[11]


Name Color Position(s)[12] Year(s) active
Lee Jin (이진)      Purple Leader, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist 2021–2023
Soo Jung (수정)      Black Main Rapper 2021–2023
Da-Kyung (다경)      Orange Main Vocalist, Main Dancer 2021–2023
Joo A (주아)      White Sub Vocalist 2021–2023
Ha Yun (하윤)      Yellow Lead Dancer 2021–2023
Ye Seul (예슬)      Blue Lead Vocalist, Maknae 2021–2023


Mini albums[]

Single albums[]


  • Hi-L 1st Concert 'Halloween Town (2021)


  • Destroyed (2022)[13]





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