Heo Chanmi (허찬미; also known simply as Chanmi) is a South Korean singer currently under Mostable Music. She is best known for being a former member of the co-ed group Coed School, the girl group F-ve Dolls and as a contestant in Produce 101 and later MIXNINE.


Chanmi started in her career in 2004 where she signed with S.M. Entertainment as a trainee. She trained for a long time until she didn't make the final cut to be part of Girls' Generation due to the fact she was the youngest and was only in seventh grade.[1]

In October 2010, Chanmi debuted with Coed School under Core Contents Media. By 2013, Co-ed School was no longer active, allowing Chanmi to leave the group. In 2011, Chanmi debuted with a subgroup of Co-ed School, F-ve Dolls. Chanmi left F-ve dolls in 2012 to pursue her solo career that never came to fruition. She left Core Contents Media the same year.

Chanmi then signed with Pledis Entertainment as a trainee, but it was later revealed she was under Duble Kick Entertainment. Duble Kick Entertainment reported that she would not participate in their own reality survival show, Finding Momoland, instead, the company stated that they had plans for her to debut in another group.

In 2017, Chanmi joined MIXNINE as a trainee under Mostable Music. She made it to the third round of eliminations and was eliminated. Her final rank was #20. In MIXNINE, it was revealed that she along with three other girls were preparing to debut under the agency's new girl group HIGHCOLOR, however as of now, the debut has been cancelled for unknown reasons.


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  • Chanmi has one of the longest known training times in K-pop. If counting from the time she was a trainee under SM Entertainment in 2004 until now, then Chanmi has been training for over 16 years, has debuted twice under two different idol groups and was also a part of two group disbandments.
  • Chanmi owns an online store named 'StyleMemory' alongside her older sister.



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