Heesun (희선) is a South Korean singer under MyDoll Entertainment. She is member of the trainee group MyDoll Girls and former member of the girl group PinkFantasy, and its subunit Sugar Powder.


2018–present: Sugar Powder, PinkFantasy and MyDoll Girls

Before PinkFantasy's debut, she was a part of the group's subunit Sugar Powder, the trio never debuted and was mostly used to promote the full group's upcoming debut.

Heesun was introduced as a member of PinkFantasy on July 4, 2018. She made her official debut with the group on October 24, with their first digital single "Iriwa".[1]

On October 18, 2019, it was revealed that Heesun had left PinkFantasy.[2]

She was revealed as part of the 3rd generation of the trainee group MyDoll Girls on March 3, 2020.[3]



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