Heart 2 Heart with Girls' Generation is an English-language compilation album released by Girls' Generation on March 17, 2008.

It features hand-picked songs from each member's favorite English-language tunes. The songs in this album are sung by the original artists, not the members of Girls' Generation.

Track list

  1. "Brave" (Jennifer Lopez) (picked by Taeyeon)
  2. "Because of You" (Kelly Clarkson) (picked by Seohyun)
  3. "Hurt" (Christina Aguilera) (picked by Taeyeon)
  4. "If I Ain't Got You" (Alicia Keys) (picked by Tiffany)
  5. "Like I Love You" (Justin Timberlake) (picked by Yoona)
  6. "Girlfriend" (Avril Lavigne) (picked by Sunny)
  7. "Whenever, Wherever" (Shakira) (picked by Sooyoung)
  8. "Like a Boy" (Ciara) (picked by Hyoyeon)
  9. "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" (Blu Cantrell) (picked by Hyoyeon)
  10. "Sometimes" (Britney Spears) (picked by Seohyun)
  11. "When You Told Me You Loved Me" (Jessica Simpson) (picked by Yuri)
  12. "Only Hope" (Mandy Moore) (picked by Jessica)
  13. "Be Be Your Love" (Rachael Yamagata & John Alagia) (picked by Sooyoung)
  14. "Don't Think I'm Not" (Kandi) (picked by Yuri)
  15. "Don't Wanna Try" (Frankie J) (picked by Tiffany)
  16. "Kissing You" (Des'ree) (picked by Jessica)
  17. "The Colors of Love" (Boyz II Men) (picked by Yoona)
  18. "Breathe Again" (Toni Braxton) (picked by Sunny)
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