Hajin (하진) is a South Korean singer. She is a member of the upcoming girl group YULiONi. She is also a former member of Baby Boo, Leader'S, their sub-unit Leader'S T and a pre-debut girl group SOME.


2011–2012: Leader'S and Leader'S T

Yesol originally debuted as the leader of the eight-member girl group Leader'S, with the group's first digital single "Please" on March 22, 2011.[1]

In October 2011, the group's company announced that Leader'S has been reorganized into a twenty-four-member girl group with three sub units, Yesol became the leader of the Leader'S T unit.[2]

It's presumed that she left the group sometime in 2012; at the beginning of the group's first hiatus.

2018: Baby Boo

In May of 2018, Baby Boo introduced two new members after Shine had left the group: Jelly and Hajin. Both didn't stay very long. A couple of weeks before Baby Boo introduced their new line-up (in November), they left the group.[3]

2019–present: YULiONi

In April of 2019, Dayul teased two new members for the group on her Instagram account.[4] Not long after, the members were revealed to be Hajin and Roori.[5]



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